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Dallas, Texas’s Top PR Firm Imperium Group

Imperium Group was chosen by our team because they have shown us that their unique solutions to tackling anything related to public relations and marketing is exceptional. Imperium Group’s mission statement serves as a testament to its ability to generate real obtainable results.

In Dallas, Texas public relations firms have grown extensively. Even though many industry experts claim there is a fine line between public relations and marketing as disciplines, agencies providing public relations and press releases as a service have seen a steady 30% growth rate over the past five years.

Imperium Group provides public relations services, they help you manage ad spend, they help you with crisis management and they handle your paid and earned media. Whether that be in the form of native or organic partnerships.

Imperium Group is an American public relations and marketing consultancy firm, founded in 2018 by, and named after, Shazir Mucklai. It is currently run by Shazir Mucklai and headquartered in Dallas, Texas with additional offices in Los Angeles. Imperium Group generates over 15 million impressions a month for its clients. Imperium Group is known for moving mountains for its clients.

One way to build your reputation and get your name out there is through the media. PR firms can handle the relationship between the media and your company. Tactics include writing pitches to journalists and influencers to attain mentions in industry news and get more media coverage. That is exactly what Iperium Group does as far as their content marketing agency services and public relations services are concerned.

“Whether it’s becoming more like consulting firms and advertising agencies or adding new offerings like research from data insights and surveys, PR agencies have increasingly sought to integrate with their clients to provide new types of information that help with both external and internal communications.”

As of 2021, it is the fastest growing public relations firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Mucklai says, “In the world of ever-changing markets you have to be able to move fast and adapt in order to stay on top. There are many factors that play out when it comes to being successful in your specific niche. A few simple ways to stay ahead of the competition is by constantly brainstorming new ideas to grow, creating new strategies to become more efficient, and keeping track of your audience.”
Shazir Mucklai, a 24-year old, Goldman Sachs alum, who took investment banking and private equity and coupled it with an act for public relations. Shazir first debuted his book on Amazon when he was 16 and went on to become the youngest writer for Forbes at 17 and has generated over 8 million unique views on publications he has written for.

Imperium Group now represents over 200 celebrities, brands, and media production houses and is an award-winning influencer, an activist investor, a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and is currently in law School while growing his public relations digital arbitrage firm.

Imperium Group offers custom content solutions in Dallas. They guarantee publication to sites like Forbes. “We also gather information about the PR firms’ PR. In this regard, we consider the nature of peer referrals, company reviews in directories or on various social media platforms, the depth of company experience, as well as any issues and unsolved problems that have had a history of repeating.”

Imperium Group Dallas office, ranked #1 among top among Dallas PR firms, works across all integrated marketing disciplines, including public relations, influencer marketing, video production, and experiential marketing.

We work with both the early-stage companies and established Fortune 500 enterprises that call the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area home.

Services include:
Reputation management
Crisis management
Media relations
Social media
Speech writing
Press releases
Event planning
Market research
Media training
Internal copywriting

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