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    ARM Macs: Apple wants developer machines back

    The developer transition kit based on the Mac mini is to be returned to the group. After complaints, the group will now replace the full amount.

    Apple has informed its developers that they should please return the so-called Developer Transition Kit to the company. The iPhone company had distributed the machines, also known as DTK, from June 2020 as part of the “Universal App Quick Start Program” at a price of 500 US dollars to developers who had previously applied. The hardware corresponds to a drilled-out Mac mini, which contains the A12Z Bionic known from the iPad Pro 2020 instead of an Intel processor. The machine should help to prepare programs for ARM-Macs (“Apple Silicon”).

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    Three M1 Macs are available

    In a first letter from the middle of last week, Apple offered the developers a gift voucher worth $ 200 for a returned DTK, which can be used as a discount code for the purchase of one of the ARM Macs now available to end customers – MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac mini with M1 chip – should be used. To do this, the DTK must be sent to the group in its original packaging.

    $ 200 more – and renewal

    However, the $ 300 less sum than the DTK price already paid caused frustration among many developers – they ventured on Twitter, among other things. In an email that was sent at the end of last week, it is now said that the discount code is being increased to $ 500. In addition, the sum can now also be used for other Apple hardware. Apple also extended the trade-in period. This was initially set for the end of May – not necessarily long enough if Apple does not introduce new hardware until the summer. The discount code should now be valid until the end of 2021.

    M1 is faster than A12Z

    In addition to the A12Z Bionic System-on-Chip, the DTK also contained 16 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD, two USB-A ports, two USB-C connections and an HDMI 2.0 port. For a similarly equipped configuration with the faster M1 chip in terms of memory, you currently pay 1259 euros if you buy the machine directly from Apple. Several new ARM Macs are expected this year, including the first iMac and form factor-modified MacBooks.

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