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    Top 17 countries easiest to start a business in 2021

    Starting a business is not an easy task, but it is easier in some countries due to less stringent restrictions.

    The World Bank presents a ranking of the countries in which it is easiest to do business. The rating was calculated based on a number of parameters, including access to credit financing and the real estate registration process.

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    17. Belgium: 94.49 – registering real estate in the country is quite difficult, the whole process takes about 56 days, although starting a business is easy.

    16. UK: 94.58 – the tax regime in the country is quite favorable for business.

    15. Sweden: 94.64 – the country gained momentum after simplifying the procedure for alienation and transfer of property.

    14. Estonia: 95.13 – it will take only 3.5 days to open a business in the country.

    13. Kosovo: 95.54 – It has become easier to pay taxes in the country after the introduction of an online system for paying GDP and social contributions.

    12. Jamaica: 95.61 – it takes 10 days to register a business in Jamaica.

    11. South Korea: 95.83 – good access to technology and fast internet facilitates the process of starting a business in the country.

    10. Ireland: 95.91 – Favorable tax regime places the country in 5th place in the ranking.

    9. Armenia: 96.07 – easier access to credit financing made it easier to do business in the country.

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    8. Georgia: 96.13 – Enhanced shareholder rights and increased controls are driving business growth.

    7. Australia: 96.47 – getting a building permit in this country is almost the easiest way (it ranks second in this parameter).

    6. Singapore: 96.49 — Simplification of building permits and technology promotion to promote new business development.

    5. Azerbaijan: 97.74 – the country has simplified the electrification of new facilities, which gave impetus to new business.

    4. Macedonia: 98.14 – The country has changed the voting procedure for the reorganisation of companies, in which creditors now have more significant voting rights.

    3. Hong Kong (China): 98.20 – company registration fee has been reduced in the city.

    2. Canada: 98.23 – it takes only 36 hours to register a company in the country and it consists of only 2 procedures.

    1. New Zealand: 99.96 – the country has reduced compensation for accidents, which are paid by employers.

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