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Krono Polo: The Secret of its Success in the Polo Industry

Some people thought when reading the title of this text, that we would enter to make a list of enumerated steps of the things that must be done to achieve that, a brand that started from scratch, today is strengthened as a company with global reach.

There may also be those who wait as an answer to know the level of luck that Krono Polo had to be able to look back and see everything it has achieved so far, as if the success was obtained by the influence of something that cannot be explained or by simple coincidences that happen day by day. However, we have tried to summarize the different factors that are vital and without which it is impossible to be successful.


Developing new ways to change the optics as polo is conceived, and in general any industry, helps to create new horizons and broaden the way the environment is understood. Krono Polo stands firm in the promise of questioning the way its products are manufactured, thus seeking to constantly be at the forefront, in order to offer the best to polo players who decide to use the brand.


Innovation wouldn’t be of much use if it weren’t for the fact that at Krono Polo they always keep user needs in mind. Thus, after observing them and analyzing their frustrations, they try to offer the most satisfactory user experience possible. For example, at the time they knew about the problem with polo gloves, which lose their grip after several hours of use; That is why they have decided to use alternative materials that significantly solve this problem and ensure a better performance of the polo player.


 Of course, Krono would not be what it is today if Camila Mejía Posada, founder of the brand, weren’t obsessed with design. In fact, the company’s designers are the most important workers, the design of its products is always characterized by simplicity and simplicity, which is actually the most difficult to achieve.


Another key to the success of the company created by Camila Mejía is that it controls all aspects of the brand, and its demanding criteria is involved in all areas of the company. By being in control of the product and all that it entails (we also mean how it reaches the consumer), they can ensure that Krono Polo’s quality standards are always met. Of course, the brand is also fully involved in its advertising and social media campaigns.


How could it be otherwise, we also have to talk about the way they reach their audience in different parts of the world, which have become a meeting point between the brand and the user. Camila has chosen to serve customers directly through social networks, seeking to ensure the best possible service and guarantee a relevant after-sales service. In addition, the different physical points where Krono Polo products can be found internationally have qualified personnel to meet all possible requirements.

To learn more about Krono Polo, go to www.kronopolo.com or on social networks like @kronopo

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