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Gutemberg Dos Santos, a different approach to business

Gutemberg Dos Santos, entrepreneur and advisor to many blockchain project, is passionate about innovations that have a significant impact on the financial industry, the healthcare industry, and environmental sustainability. On the other hand, he enjoys sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur, he has a special interest in new generations finding what they are looking for as people and achieving their goals. Gutemberg tells us about the importance of further developing the sense of “Being” before being concerned about the fact of “Having”.

Gutemberg Dos Santos explained to us that in order to generate a personal formula, you must first do an exercise in self-criticism. “The question of knowing ourselves is going to help us to know where we are going. Knowing where we stand will clarify many aspects of our life; on the other hand, it helps us to know more accurately what we want. Many people want to have something material without stopping to really think what it is for having it, so the question is not “have” but “be” commented the entrepreneur.

He mentioned that according to Erich Fromm, “The way of being has as prerequisites independence, freedom and the presence of critical reason.” Translated into the words of Gutemberg Dos Santos explained that the subjects who are most concerned about the “Being” are very active people, not because of the sense of being occupied in an external way, but internally, that is; They seek to showcase their talents and the abilities they possess in a productive manner. This allows people to care more about transcending through giving.

On the other hand, those who only seek to “have” are people with a great feeling of insecurity because they feel isolated or lonely. And their main objective is to obtain material things because they believe that by doing so they extend their own being. Which translates into self-centered people who lose their sense of the common good.

Likewise, Gutemberg explained that possessions are focused on maintaining a certain prestige and power before others. And he questioned the subjects who are walking with the flag of “I am what I have”, then who are they really when they lose everything. For this reason they live in constant uncertainty and insecurity because they fear losing their belongings, and with it, their value as people. For this reason, these people struggle to maintain a distant appearance from what they really are. Thus, the relationship they have with the other is one of competition, protagonism and at the same time of fear.

So being and having are feelings that take different directions when trying to reach an end? In relation to this, Dos Santos pointed out that “it is important to identify who we really are before owning anything else, that is; If you define well who I am, what I want and how I want to obtain it, I will have the certainty of maintaining immunity from negative criticism, I will have control of my desires, without them manipulating my will power; and I will know how far to stop without negatively affecting others ”commented the businessman.

Gutemberg Dos Santos insisted, saying that “if I don’t have a clear end for what I want to obtain, then it is useless to acquire something that does not mean or represent part of my being in it. Since the most valuable thing that life offers me is everything that I gained through my own struggle to develop my talent, my abilities and my positive productivity that generates a common good, leaving behind self-centeredness, greed, anguish and envy. In this way, not only will I obtain things in vain, but I will also take firm steps with the full freedom of not being subject to material goods, since the only thing I have to take with me is my security and identity ”, concluded Dos Santos.

To learn more about him and his advice to a different approach of business visit his site at gutembergds.com

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