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Sick of Lies and Misinformation in SEO, This Company is Telling its Secrets

How do you learn your skills? Many of us take online courses or seek mentorship from those who know how to do what we’re learning. And, others of us have learned through experience – testing what works, and seeing what doesn’t. Both are powerful engines for education, and it’s even more powerful when a teacher who has learned from experience is doing the teaching.

Harry Sanders is the 22 year old founder of StudioHawk, which is now Australia’s largest dedicated SEO agency with a team of over 22. StudioHawk works with global brands and brings in a revenue of $3.5 Million – but they weren’t always in this position. Sanders began his journey with SEO at the young age of 13 when he wanted to help his dad’s business bring in more clients. His dad had invested his hard-earned money to hire an SEO team, and it didn’t attract a single client. So, Sanders set out to figure out how to make SEO work for his dad. 

Over the course of now nine years, Sanders has built his own SEO skills from scratch. As he’s also built his reputation and a network of global clients through his top-notch skills and results, he’s noticed something: the internet is plagued with misinformation about SEO. What newcomers are learning about SEO from the information available is downright wrong. And yet, SEO is one of the most valuable hard skills that you can have nowadays (as Microsoft recently named it THE most important hard skills to learn in 2020). It’s critical to have correct resources that can teach those who want to learn the real and accurate steps to taking advantage of SEO. 

Sharing the Truth

Sanders and the StudioHawk team are launching Hawk Academy to share the real secrets behind SEO. It’s an online learning platform complete with detailed modules, practical guides, and quizzes to test understanding. In addition to the accessible (and accurate) information, Sanders and his team of 22 SEO experts are on standby to teach students from their real experiences — and, there’s an online forum where learners can bounce ideas off each other and share what’s working for them.

“What most people don’t know is that SEO is really very simple,” said Sanders. “The misinformation makes it out to be complicated, but I’ve distilled the process that I’ve perfected over the years into easy, repeatable steps that can guarantee SEO success.” 

Learning also requires unlearning with the amount of lies and misinformation about SEO out there. So, in the free section of the Hawk Academy, there’s a module strictly dedicated to misinformation about SEO. One example: “keyword stuffing.” If you dig into any SEO education from a cursory glance, you’ll hear about keywords from the get-go, and how the frequency of the keyword within a website’s copy is critical for ranking. This isn’t actually the full picture – it’s just more misinformation that’s making it harder to rank (and harder for prospects to read, because no one needs to read a keyword like “lawn mowing” 15 times in one paragraph). 

 Open Educational Access

Rather than keeping these revolutionary SEO secrets under lock and key, Hawk Academy offers their education at incredibly affordable prices, in alignment with their value of expanding access to education. Sanders’ vision is to reimagine the digital marketing industry and its landscape through educating digital marketers, and Hawk Academy is the way in which he’s achieving this mission. 

Within the academy, there’s free content that’s accessible to anyone, a middle tier of content that’s only $40, and a top tier that’s $300, which includes all the modules, ridden with all the information a hopeful SEO expert needs to know to succeed. However, Hawk Academy is also offering scholarships to at-risk youth or anyone who does not have the financial means to invest in themselves at this time, though they screen applicants to ensure they’re telling the truth about their financial status.

To apply for a scholarship or access the module and its SEO secrets, visit hawkacademy.co.

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