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How to fit an offer in 68 characters: a detailed guide to mobile push notifications

Smartphone users are divided into two camps: someone hides all notifications, and someone considers them useful

What is push and what are they

Push notifications are pop-up messages on the screen. Their task is to push (push) the user to a specific action.

There are two types of push notifications: mobile and web push. Mobile push – these are the same messages that appear on the “curtain” of the screen of your smartphone. Web push are pop-up windows in the browser. In this guide, we will focus specifically on mobile push notifications – we will talk about their pros and cons, design rules and features that will improve notification metrics.

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Benefits of push notifications

Attract attention

The push notification appears on the screen even if the app itself is closed. The smartphone may just be lying next to you, but then the screen lights up, and you are already reading about a new promotion in your favorite supermarket.

Inform the user

Push notifications help convey important information to users. Sometimes they do not even require any action from the user, but simply report events: for example, that a new function has appeared in the application

Increase engagement

According to research , push notifications can increase user engagement (Engagement Rate) up to 88%.

Helping to win back customers

Customer Retention Rate is an important indicator for business, it shows the number of loyal customers. Push notifications help to return 3-10 times more users and remind inactive customers about the brand.

An important part of UX

Push notifications help a brand create a seamless user experience. Many pain points on the customer journey can be closed with push notifications if neither email nor SMS is suitable for this.

Great coverage

Today, every second inhabitant of the earth has smartphones. Push notifications allow you to reach a huge audience, because neither email nor phone number is required to send a message. The main thing is that the user installs the application.

Transparent KPIs

Usually mailing services provide a detailed report on all messages: how many were sent, how many were delivered, how many clicks were made. This helps to track changes in indicators and change the strategy when necessary.

Mobile Push Types


These are automatic push notifications that are sent in response to a user action. For example, welcome-push when installing an application or an abandoned cart message if an order has not been placed.

Typically triggered communications have higher metrics than regular promotional messages because they are based on customer behavior and are always up to date.


Transactional pushes are notifications related to a purchase. These include order confirmation, order status, payment status, and more. These are one of the most useful push notifications, as they accompany the user throughout the entire journey: from making a purchase to receiving it.


The purpose of promotional mailings is simple – to stimulate sales. This is a useful marketing tool that has a significant impact on conversions. The main thing is to send advertising pushes wisely, but we will talk about this a little later.


As the name implies, these push notifications are needed to remind the user of something. They are often used in educational applications – for example, to inform the user that it’s time to learn a language.

FYI (For Your Information)

Push notifications are the right channel to tell users about important news and events. Even if the user simply brushes off the message, he will have time to read it.

Authentication pushes

These are notifications with a code for authorization or for confirming a money transfer. An important part of UX, especially if the user for some reason is unable to receive SMS. For brands, there are also advantages – sending push notifications is cheaper than SMS.

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