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3 ways to deal with the problem of not having enough imported products in Russia

Stanislav Naumov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, has suggested three ways to address the shortage of imported goods in Russia. During an interview on the radio station “Moscow Speaks,” Naumov mentioned that one of the ways to combat the shortage of goods is by developing parallel imports. This means importing goods from other countries that are not officially distributed by the manufacturer in Russia. However, the other two ways Naumov mentioned were not specified in the article.

According to Stanislav Naumov, who is the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, there are three ways to address the shortage of imported goods in Russia. The first method is parallel imports, where the government has given powers to deal with the shortage, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade is working actively. The second method is technical intelligence, which involves reverse engineering to reproduce a technology. Lastly, the third method is education and research, which is considered the most significant.

The politician emphasized the importance of investing in education and gave the example of the USSR. He said that during that time, people didn’t want to create their own products, which led to a reliance on imported goods. Naumov thinks that some areas should have their own technology while others need to work together with other countries. He called this economic integration.

According to Naumov, now in the world there is no such product that is produced only in one country, since components and raw materials from it can be supplied from other points. He called Russian goods competitive in a number of sectors, stressing that this needs to be realized.

Earlier, the head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, Vladimir Bulavin, said that since the permission of parallel imports under the mechanism, 2.4 million tons of goods worth over $ 20 billion have been imported into Russia. They include, first of all, cars, machine tools, equipment and technological lines, he said.

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