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At the Core of Change: How Honor Society Is Touching Lives

What does it mean to create change, to truly transform the inner fabric of a society in such a way that it alters the lives of children, families, and communities?

In our current era of social unrest, political distrust, and a constant new cycle of fear and insecurity, we are left to peruse our resources to determine what we can do to positively affect change, and more importantly, peace, in our divided and hurting communities.

Education sits at the burning center of the change process for a nation that is looking for hope. Through equipping and empowering students and their families with knowledge and resources, education helps bridge gaps to enable students to flourish and build careers, and to become the informed, balanced, and well-adjusted leaders that our society needs at every level. To teach is to give someone the world

Mike Moradian turned down the opportunity to attend the world’s most prestigious business school in order to help grow Honor Society (www.honorsociety.org), one of many honor societies that helps to provide resources and empowerment for students and teachers alike.

Moradian explains his initial involvement with Honor Society to Toolsy:

In 2012, we were presented with the opportunity to work with and take the concept of an honor society to the next level. A lot of people think that I founded Honor Society, but that is not true. 

There was an opportunity for leadership given my background and my abilities in tech, marketing and education to help Honor Society realize its full potential in the Internet world.

We took a relatively small idea and decided to focus on building it to be the largest and leading academic society in the nation.

Moradian continues,

“We connect students with opportunities to meet other people and to find prestigious positions in graduate schools and professional positions. We focus on academics, professional tools, benefits and really recognizing our members. 

It’s really a community of success . . . and more geared towards academic, professional and personal success.   

To further our philanthropic programs I helped found the Honor Society Foundation, which is a platinum rated 501(c)(3) that distributes our member scholarship program across the United States.”

Nana Obioha, student, explains her experience:

I strongly recommend the Honor Society to any student at any educational level for a lot of reasons. This organization provides opportunities to connect and network with peers from across the nation. This will go a long way in building a support system, creating academic connections and collaborations as well as sharing university or life experiences. The Honor Society also has a lot of benefits and discounts for students ranging from restaurants and insurance discounts, cashback on purchases, scholarship for achievers, and connect trips among others.

They also have a career page for job seekers. I am extremely honored to be a member of this society!”

Honor Society has chapters at numerous universities, and is widely recognized as a leader in the educational world. Honor Society leads the path for upward-moving students and alumni and offers scholarships, discounts, test prep, career tools and much more. Learn more about Honor Society at official site

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