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Fitness Coach Allegra Paris Helps Entrepreneurs Work Through COVID-19 Emotional Eating

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era of working from home, exercising from home, and of course, eating from home. This kind of unexpected inactivity, with people walking only a few hundred steps around a house or apartment every day, was not exactly in the yearly planner for entrepreneurs in 2020. This “out of control feeling” is why so many people have been caught up in emotional eating as a way to process their fears, stresses, and anxieties about the future. Running a business by yourself is already stressful enough – wondering if COVID-19 mandates are going to shut it down for good makes it that much harder.

In a poll of more than 1,000 people conducted by WebMD, it was found that 50% of women and 25% of men admitted they had gained significant weight due to coronavirus restrictions. As of June 2020, more than 500 million people had searched “quarantine weight gain” and “quarantine 15” on Facebook, signifying that emotional eating, weight gain, and obesity management has become increasingly difficult for people. Not to mention, as we head into month 7 of quarantining at home, gyms around the country are being blocked from reopening to the public.

An Entrepreneur Helping Entrepreneurs

All of this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to personal health maintenance, fitness, and nutrition. One celebrity fitness coach and trainer, Allegra Paris, is determined to provide an at-home solution that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and gig economy workers can consider for getting their bodies back in shape and energized for a full day of work ahead.

No stranger to launching her own personal ventures and working from home for years as a business owner and clothing designer, Allegra feels personally called to help entrepreneurs realize they can get out ahead of their health with nothing more than an hour per day and her customized meal plans.

According to Allegra, the problem is as follows for entrepreneurs:

  • Not enough hours in the day: entrepreneurs have to work as bosses, customer service reps, marketers, and analyzers every single day to keep their business afloat.
  • Not enough information: too many people are unaware of macronutrients, intermittent fasting, and healthy food options/snacks to grab working from home.
  • The refrigerator is calling: sitting home, alone, all day can increase a person’s desire to get up and eat. Eating cures boredom, especially with food right around the corner in the refrigerator.

Whereas many entrepreneurs were used to calorie-burning by running around all day from store to store, now they are being forced to do all of that business at home. They end up in a sedentary position, unable to burn the same amount of calories, yet they are eating more than ever before.

Transformational Training Starts at Home

Keeping this in mind, Allegra carefully designed a high-ticket transformation program that she adapts to every single customer. Based on their individual needs and restrictions, Allegra Paris works with these people one-to-two times per week, including live personal training, meal plans, and accountability check-ins. The all-encompassing program includes macronutrient calculations, measurement tracking, exercise, nutrition, and accountability – something Allegra sees as paramount in a COVID-19 world.

“I am helping people learn that instead of turning to food, they can choose to take work breaks and practice yoga, strengthening and conditioning, and workout to release endorphins,” said Allegra. “Creating these kinds of habits are long-lasting and will not only help entrepreneurs cut back on caloric intake, but it will also help them energize their bodies and their minds so they can perform to their fullest day after day.”

Allegra’s workout programs are calculated with strategic workout lengths and exercises to maximize training time and yield tangible results. The programs create stress-relieving fitness and nutrition plans that will help clients feel less frantic when their daily schedules are overwhelmed. Allegra also provide a list of healthy snacks that these entrepreneurs can turn to when they are battling a mid-afternoon craving.

While it’s clear that social distancing mandates aren’t going away anytime soon, Allegra is passionate about showing the hardest working people in the world that they can manage their health and fitness right at home. With her strategic accountability program that is customized to every single person, Allegra is on a mission to help individuals regain control over their bodies and their lives today.

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