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How a Haitian Immigrant Has Dominated the Sales Game

How has a Haitian immigrant broken language barriers, cultural barriers, and risen to help business owners dominate their markets?

Here’s a quick example: Athis Djeffson’s Company, Athis Enterprises, is a Click Funnel Two-Comma Club award winner, and has generated over 3 million dollars for the year so far. 

Hear it from the man himself.

“I help business owners, coaches, consultants, and aspiring entrepreneurs create a widely profitable online business! Covid has unfortunately proven the vulnerability of physical businesses, and regular jobs to not be recession-proof. A lot of people had to learn the hard way, that online is the way to go. This year has shown an unprecedented increase in Online Traffic, and it won’t stop.”

Athis Enterprises helps entrepreneurs thrive. Athis explains, “We give you access to our program, which has a very structured step by step process, and which gives you all the strategies and videos you need to scale your business. But what makes us proud and differ us from a lot of competitors, is the core support system we offer our clients: Weekly group coaching, one on one coaching, an active Facebook Group that provides both Emotional Positive support and Technical support from our team’s Moderators answering questions live!”

“Getting to your own first 6 or 7 figures is cool, but real success to me is the ability to help others achieve the same, in the fastest way possible.”

Like many entrepreneurs, he’s had to adjust to the demands of a changing industry, and he’s quickly become a guru for maximizing online traffic. He has some great advice for new entrepreneurs and people looking to develop their careers:

“Don’t wait for the right time, perfection is just a cover for insecurity! And if you will create a business, make sure it has an Online Component to it! Have more than one way to acquire customers and revenue in your business, and be able to adapt and make decisions fast!”

When asked about challenges he’s faced, Athis explains, “Just like life, business is composed of ups and downs. At the very beginning, I had to deal with the cultural shock and language barrier of being a Haitian immigrant in the United States. Mind you, I was working as a Sales Man in a full commission job. With little to 0 English, I don’t have to tell you how painful and difficult it was. But every hardship is there not to stop us, but to bring the best out of us.”

“In five years I want to help as many people as possible! I want to help create an economic revolution especially in my community, and since I started investing in a lot of small Black-owned businesses, I want to invest in 50 by five years.”

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