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The Millennial Who Helps Millennial Celebrities Not Make Millennial Mistakes: Travis Guterman

Imagine the scenario:

You’re a 16-year-old kid. You’re working your way through high school, learning skills like everyone else, thinking about college in your future. You begin making videos of yourself singing and dancing, just for fun with friends. Soon, you begin posting your videos on tick-tock and YouTube. Without expecting it, you begin to grow in popularity, and your videos suddenly are being viewed millions of times per month. Advertisers are knocking at your door, brands are desperate to work with you, and you quickly realize you could make a fortune doing what you’re doing.

Fast forward a few years, and you become a multimillionaire with no ambitions other then being the best media star in the world. But you’re still only 18 years old. How do you handle your success? Who can you call for financial guidance?

This is where Travis Guterman comes into the picture. He’s the premier management expert for rising celebrities in the Wild West of the new media space.

Not only is he a Millennial himself; he has the credentials to back up his financial and management expertise for his generation. Travis graduated with Honors, Distinction, and magna cum laude from the University of Arizona, Tucson with a BS in Agribusiness Economics and Management. He received his Master of Business Taxation from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Travis explains,

“As a business manager, I’m essentially a personal CFO for celebrities and athletes.. With the help of my team, I handle everything from setting up business entities, taxes, investments, insurance, buying houses/cars, and etc.This allows my clients to focus on the parts of the business that they enjoy, rather than the boring and time consuming financial minutia.”

Travis’ advice for up-and-coming celebrities?

“Think long-term when making financial decisions. While the money might seem like it’s going to keep coming forever, it’s extremely important to put aside enough for taxes, savings, and retirement. If they handle their money properly, they won’t be forced to take jobs/brand deals that they don’t want to, just to pay for their living expenses. The goal is financial freedom.” 

Connect with Travis here: Travis Guterman Linkedin  

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