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Japanese e-commerce giant allows BTC payments


  • Mercari, a leading Japanese e-commerce platform, is set to accept Bitcoin payments from June, offering users in the flea market segment the option to pay in Bitcoin through a partnership with Melcoin, a subsidiary of a Japanese crypto exchange.
  • With around 22 million monthly users, Mercari has been actively integrating cryptocurrencies, allowing users to convert loyalty program points and providing a trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptos.
  • Japan, known for its crypto-friendly stance, has a more regulated market compared to Europe or the USA. The Prime Minister’s commitment to the Web3 sector and the introduction of a “green list” aim to further streamline the regulatory process.
  • Currently, Japan’s crypto exchanges primarily trade a limited number of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but efforts are underway to diversify options and accelerate regulatory processes.
  • Mercari’s move to accept Bitcoin payments reflects a significant step in mainstream crypto adoption, highlighting the evolving landscape of digital currencies and user-friendly platforms driving this global shift.

I’m excited to share some fantastic news about the progress in crypto adoption! Starting in June, users on Mercari, a leading Japanese shopping platform, will be able to make payments using BTC.

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According to a Nikkei report, Mercari, a popular e-commerce giant, is gearing up to accept Bitcoin payments, providing new opportunities for users in the flea market segment. Thanks to a partnership with Melcoin, a subsidiary of a Japanese crypto exchange, users can effortlessly settle amounts displayed in yen using the power of BTC.

Established in 2013, Mercari is one of Japan’s largest e-commerce platforms with an impressive 22 million monthly users. Despite its substantial user base, Mercari has actively integrated cryptocurrencies over time. Users have the option to convert loyalty program points using cryptocurrencies, and the platform has even launched a trading platform for BTC and other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to convert sales proceeds into the dynamic world of crypto.

It’s essential to note that Japan is known for its crypto-friendly environment, although its market is more regulated compared to Europe or the USA. The commitment of Japan’s Prime Minister to the emerging Web3 sector reflects the country’s progressive stance on digital currencies.

Currently, Japan’s crypto exchanges predominantly trade a select few cryptocurrencies, with BTC and Ethereum taking the lead. However, there’s a promising initiative underway to expedite the regulatory process through the introduction of a “green list.”

In conclusion, Mercari’s decision to accept BTC payments marks a significant stride in the journey toward mainstream crypto adoption. As Japan continues to navigate the regulatory landscape, the collaboration between Mercari and Melcoin indicates a positive step in the right direction. We anticipate witnessing the evolution of crypto integration on a global scale, with user-friendly platforms leading the charge. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting intersection of e-commerce and cryptocurrency!

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