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New trial against “Faketoshi” Craig Wright is in trouble in Great BritainNew trial against “Faketoshi” 

Craig Wright is back in court over his claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin. This time it could be tight for him.

British courts are currently scrutinizing the claims of Craig Wright, who has persistently asserted himself as the original inventor of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

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In a legal battle initiated in 2021, the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), spearheaded by notable figures like Jack Dorsey and major companies such as Coinbase, filed a lawsuit against the programmer. COPA alleges that Wright’s assertions lack substantiated evidence and are detrimental to the integrity of the cryptocurrency space.

Rejecting any potential settlement offers, COPA is steadfast in its accusation that Wright has failed to provide credible proof of his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, with much of his purported evidence deemed fraudulent.

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Central to the trial is the dispute over the authorship of the seminal Bitcoin white paper, a foundational document in the cryptocurrency realm.

A spokesperson for COPA conveyed to Coindesk their stance, labeling Wright’s claims as “blatant lies” and attributing them to an orchestrated campaign of deceit.

Moreover, it has been asserted that Wright has resorted to a barrage of legal actions against members of the Bitcoin community, purportedly as a means of coercion.

The trial is progressing, with the upcoming phase of cross-examination slated to commence on February 13th. Observers eagerly await further developments in this high-profile legal showdown.

Akshit Yadav
Akshit Yadav
Akshit is a dynamic young voice in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, known for his innovative insights and fresh perspectives. Passionate about the intersection of technology and finance, he brings a youthful energy to his exploration of decentralized systems and digital currencies.

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