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Stellar Lumens Price Prediction, XLM Forecast 2021: Why it will reach $1 this year

STELLAR is traded today unchanged from yesterday’s closing price. The price increased by 5.07% to the level of 0.4283 from the previous trading session. Yesterday the price increased by 0% or 0 (0 points) to 0.

Historical data : the maximum value of STELLAR was 0.3525 in 2018, the minimum exchange rate was 0.0263 in 2020. The largest rise in the pair is 160.72% in November 2020, and the largest fall – 36.16% in December 2020.

The 4EMA technical indicator looks bullish (10,20,50,100), and shows a steady growth in charts.

It is quite clear that cryptocurrency price predictions should be taken with a grain of salt, but there are factors to look out for that will almost certainly have an impact on the future price of the broader cryptocurrency market. It includes:

  • Level and nature of regulations imposed on dominant cryptocurrency markets
  • Cryptocurrency adoption rate in the coming year and beyond
  • Cryptocurrency futures market growth rate
  • The usefulness of tokens and the ability of the underlying technology to solve real-world problems

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XLM, like the rest of the market, is tied to Bitcoin’s price movement. If Bitcoin enters another bull run, XLM can count on it too.

Due to the latest events in the world and the impending economic crisis in the world, Bitcoin was unable to separate from traditional markets and lost 40% in one day.

The rest of the market fell sharply, losing 50% in one day. Since this is a black swan event, an unpredictable event that goes beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially serious consequences, there is no one who can reasonably claim that he or his algorithm can predict short-term price changes for anything. not to mention cryptocurrencies.

Many experts agree that before things get better, both human health and the economic situation will deteriorate.

We can only speak in very general terms and predict that cryptocurrencies are likely to fall below even the lows of 2018 (many of the altcoins are likely to sink to unprecedented depths and record new lows over time).

Once this difficult situation is over, we are all hoping for a crazy run, and the likelihood of such a development is quite high.

Can Stellar hit $ 1, $ 10, or $ 100?

Well, since he was almost at that level already, as his high peaked at $ 0.93 during 2017’s cryptomania, a return to that level is certainly possible.

Reaching $ 10 is not difficult, let alone $ 100 or more, as it sounds more like a fantasy than a realistic opportunity. If XLM reaches $ 10, it would represent a 90-fold rise, reaching a market cap of over $ 200 billion (we need to factor in annual inflation when calculating future market cap as this is not just a multiplication of current cap by 90).

XLM going up to $ 100 is ridiculous.

Stellar is dead?


No, how can you easily infer from this Stellar Lumens price prediction article. Also, judging by the activity of the team in social networks, on github, its own site – Stellar is far from a dead project.

Their communities on Reddit and Telegram are also active, although their participation rates are significantly lower than in 2017. The coin is also still listed on all major exchanges, indicating that XLM is far from a dead project.

All this ultimately means one thing: XLM can survive a couple of well-coordinated and, for the average trader, completely unpredictable pumps, but most of the time, muddy side trading with little volume and no significant market interest will take place.

The price will be highly dependent on what BTC does, and since many analysts believe that BTC won’t make big moves this year, it’s hard to expect XLM to do that as well. Price is likely to stagnate and record slow declines or increases in value depending on team activity, potential technology breakthrough, or high-level partnerships.

Stellar Lumens: # 1 Long Prediction Prediction

Long Forecast has given a completely conservative outlook as their Stellar price prediction predicts XLM could hit $ 0.50, which looks like it won’t rise significantly from the current price.

# 2 Wallet Investor: XLM Price Prediction

Wallet Investor updates prices and forecasts every three minutes using the latest technical analysis. They made a very conservative 5-year forecast of $ 1.005.

# 3 Mega Crypto Price

The Mega Crypto Price prediction was very optimistic for all cryptocurrencies and it is the same for the XLM price prediction, also predicting that Stellar could be worth $ 5.10 by the end of 2020. The team says this can be achieved as long as there are no major security flaws and the entire sector is doing well.

# 4 Forecast from Monetize

Monetize believes that Stellar’s core partnerships will be the main driver behind the upcoming price hikes, which could push the XLM price to $ 2-3 by 2020. Besides IBM, Stellar partners include Stripe, Deloitte, etc.

For example, Stripe gave Stellar a $ 3 million capital injection a few years ago, which Stellar immediately returned to XLM.

No. 5 Agency for Economic Forecasting

Its website provides a long-term forecasting model for making market forecasts for corporate clients. The site has its own 2020 price prediction that XLM will see a high of $ 0.64 in 2020, which is by far the most conservative and pessimistic of XLM price predictions.

Stellar Prediction 2021

As in 2020, the price of XLM in 2021 will be highly dependent on what Bitcoin is doing at that time. In addition, XLM will need to make a breakthrough in the mainstream and steal a piece of Ripple’s pie. Otherwise, 2021 could be a game over time for XLM. The specific cost figure for XLM in 2021 is below $ 0.50.

Stellar Lumens: price prediction 2025

XLM’s price prediction for 2025 is not too different from this year. This will be highly dependent on broader market movements. If we continue to hibernate 2019, the future price of Stellar is likely to hover around the same levels as in 2019. Huge leaps and astronomical benefits for XLM are only possible in the context of runaway market growth.

XLM Price Prediction 2030

In 10 years, we will see a huge shift in the global economy into blockchain governance. If XLM really becomes something special in 10 years, it will definitely cost at least 100 times more than it is now – $ 6 per token.

Questions and answers

Is Stellar Lumen a good investment?

Stellar, like all other cryptocurrencies, is a risky investment. It is more likely to rise than it will fall due to the deep pockets of the Stellar Foundation and their close ties to IBM

Should you buy Stellar?

We are supporters of moderately risky investing – invest most of your crypto portfolio in BTC (50%); 35% in well-known coins (for example, XLM), and the rest – in small projects with huge growth potential. So in this context, XLM is worth buying.

Is Stellar an ERC20 token?

No, Stellar has its own blockchain and is not associated with Ethereum.

Can Stellar Make You A Millionaire?

Yes, it can – if you have millions of XLM tokens. Right now, you will need about 12 million XLM tokens to become a millionaire. Even if it grows 10x, you will need millions of tokens to become a US dollar millionaire.

How much will Stellar cost?

In the short term, it is likely that it will not exceed $ 1. At $ 1 per XLM, the market capitalization of XLM will be just under $ 18 billion, which is pretty unrealistic from today’s perspective.

Can you mine Stellar?

No, Stellar is not a PoW coin.

Can Stellar Lumen Reach $ 100?

This is highly unlikely as it would mean a price increase of 1,500 times over current levels. Assuming the BTC / XLM ratio remains unchanged, this would mean Bitcoin is worth $ 12.5 million per coin. This goes beyond rational prediction.

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