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    Goldman Sachs CEO expects stronger crypto regulation

    The boss of the Goldman Sachs investment bank, David Salomon, spoke about cryptocurrencies in an interview with the Canadian TV broadcaster CNBC and predicted a glorious future for them. Accordingly, he sees “a major development” that the industry is facing.

    Goldman Sachs watch cryptocurrencies

    Time and again, classic banks have excelled with critical voices about crypto currencies. Slowly but surely, the mood seems to be turning. Goldman Sachs CEO Salomon expects increased regulation of cryptic tokens soon, which could benefit the market.

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    Goldman Sachs has not yet taken concrete steps to integrate Bitcoin or other virtual currencies, but they are keeping an eye on developments in the interests of customers. In fact, it would not yet be legal for a bank to offer cryptocurrencies directly.

    “How this will develop in the coming years depends on the rules”

    So far, private traders have only been able to get by with Bitcoin stocks or crypto ETFs . If Salomon has its way, this could change very soon: “I think there will be a development. How this will develop in the coming years depends on the rules that we have. ”

    All in all, it is currently difficult to predict which side the pendulum will swing. Will better framework conditions lead to the restriction of use or to a secure basis for trading digital currencies ? The fate of the cryptic currencies is likely to be decided by this fundamental question.

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