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Do you think Solana Cryptocurrency (SOL) can be a “Ethereum Killer”

The Solana cryptocurrency (SOL) has seen its value increased considerably. She has just hit an all-time high since a comedian and TV host changed her profile picture on Twitter . Is it a coincidence? Not really ! Added to this is the fact that NFTs are increasingly popular with players in the cryptocurrency sector.

Steve Harvey contributes to the growth of Solana (SOL)

SOL is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in recent times. Its value has risen markedly from a price of around $ 37 a month ago to an all-time high of nearly $ 197 today, according to data from CoinGecko.

Several situations have contributed to the increase in the value of cryptocurrency . Comedian and television host Steve Harvey has also participated in this growth, notably thanks to the NFT ‘ ‘ Solana Summer ”.

Today, the famous animator changed his Twitter profile picture to that of an NFT from the Solana Monkey Business collection . This is not the first time that he has taken a close interest in NFTs or the world of cryptocurrency. Last May, he joined forces with the Rarible marketplace in order to sell his own NFTs for the benefit of a charity run by his Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

The Ethereum blockchain at the heart of attention

The NFT Solana Monkey Business collection consists of 5000 randomly generated monkey images . It should be noted that collections of profile photos like CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club are in great demand lately.

CryptoPunks and Bored Apes are NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain which is by far the most widely used platform for designing NFTs. As proof, in August, the OpenSea marketplace recorded an NFT trading volume of more than $ 3.4 billion on Ethereum and the majority of the most used NFT projects are based on this blockchain.

And the ‘ Ethereum killer’ makes an appearance

Even though Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency that has gained tremendous popularity in recent times, it is far from the only digital asset that has enjoyed a buzz. Indeed, Solana (SOL) is establishing itself more and more as one of its competitors, which makes experts say that this asset is an “  Ethereum killer  ”. Its main advantage is that its blockchain is more energy efficient than Ethereum . In addition, it is able to process a greater volume of transactions, and this, with reduced fees.

According to data released by Solanalysis , NFT Collector’s Coins on Solana (SOL) have generated more than $ 94 million in the past week. The Solana Monkey Business collection reached a volume of $ 6.2 million in just 7 days, placing it third on the list of hottest projects.

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In our introduction, we mentioned that famous host Steve Harvey has changed his profile picture in favor of the Solana cryptocurrency (SOL). He is not the only one to have done it this way. Rapper and YouTuber KSI has also changed the avatar of his Twitter account . He used a Solana Monkey Business NFT .

The Solana cryptocurrency (SOL) is gaining more and more popularity thanks to the intervention of several players in the world of finance and other fields. Personalities like Steve Harvey are trying as best they can to bring their contribution to the building.

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