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After Bitcoin in El Salvador, a stablecoin in Peru – Stellar (XML) seduces Latin America

Latinos are invading the cryptosphere – Cryptocurrencies continue to grow, both in Central America and South America . These are supported by national projects, as is the case in El Salvador, but also by private projects, such as Anclap.

Anclap continues to issue stablecoins

Anclap is a company specializing in the issuance of South American stablecoins since 2017. It takes advantage of the speed and almost free of charge of the Stellar network.

“Our goal is to create a global ecosystem that allows people to send foreign currency easily, quickly and securely, at a very low cost; by eliminating the costs and slowness of banking transactions. “

Anclap official website

On September 24, the company announced the addition of PEN , a new stablecoin based on Peruvian sol . This is now available alongside the ARS based on the Argentine peso. Thus, Peruvians now have a stablecoin, fully backed by fiat currency and usable across the entire Stellar ecosystem. . 

According to the official announcement, it is already available for purchase on various exchange platforms, against the Argentine peso , the Brazilian real , the US dollar or even the euro . Obviously, it is also possible to exchange it for other digital currencies supported by the Stellar network. 

The release of this new stablecoin is only the starting point of a year that will prove to be extremely rich for Anclap. Indeed, the company is still planning the release of at least 2 other stablecoins , based on the Colombian and Chilean pesos. (Check: Bitcoin (BTC) Price Manipulation – Class Action Against Bitfinex (USDT) Poorly Engaged)

The teams are also exploring the possibility of creating stablecoins for the Mexican peso and the Brazilian real.

2021: a blessed year for crypto in Latin America

Since the start of the year, the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America has continued to grow . 

After making Bitcoin a legal tender, El Salvador continues to advance its government mining farm project , powered by geothermal energy from volcanoes in the territory. Although the officialization of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador is not unanimous among the population, other countries may well follow suit. 

In early September, rumors that Honduras could follow in El Salvador’s footsteps began to emerge all over the internet. Some Mexican senior officials also want to do the same , to the chagrin of regulators. (Also Read: IMF revealed factors driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies)

For its part, North America is no exception. Indeed, according to a survey, 37% of Texans would be ready to see cryptocurrencies legalized in their state. Similar figures have been recorded in Wisconsin.

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