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Top 10 Native Cardano Tokens that will Moon in the Next Bull Run

While some investors believe that making huge chunks of money through cryptocurrency trading only requires luck, in reality, it’s the hours and days spent on extensive research. This research involves analyzing the market capitalization, token utility, roadmaps, Github repositories, teams behind the projects, and much more. Without this, pretty much no professional investors would ‘luck out’ and make money with a 100x profit cryptocurrency investment. But, research can often be time consuming, which is why we did the heavy lifting for you and came up with a list of top Native Cardano Tokens that will moon in the next bull run.

Let’s check them out!

Top 10 Native Cardano Tokens that could net 100x – our picks

Here are 5 of the best native Cardano altcoins ready to make investors big gains;

  1. NMKR – NFT Tools and Minting Service
  2. TANG – DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) and NFT Farming
  3. MIN – A Decentralized Exchange Governed by the Community
  4. SUNDAE – A Decentralized Trading Protocol on Cardano
  5. MELD  – A DeFi, Non-Custodial, Banking Protocol
  6. CLAY – PFP NFT Art and Metaverse Project
  7. ADAO – Exciting Governance-as- a-Service (GaaS) DAO infrastructure project
  8. SUMMON – First DAO in the Cardano ecosystem
  9. RAT – NFT & Digital Asset Investment DAO
  10. HOSKY – Dog meme coin living on the Cardano blockchain

NMKR – NFT Tools and Minting Service

NMKR is our top pick for a Cardano altcoin that could return 100x gains for its early investors. NMKR provides NFT tools and minting service for Cardano NFTs (lovingly known as CNFTs by the community). First mover advantage means that NMKR already have the CNFT market cornered with over 50% of all CNFTs minted having used their minting service in the past. The NMKR token is widely distributed and already available on a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges. The original NMKR token sale was held on LCX exchange on the 18th April 2023 for a price of $0.003125 USD per token which quickly sold out. With a strong team and good network effect, we are confident this altcoin will continue to see exponential growth.

TANG – DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) and NFT Farming

Another participant of the Cardano Catalyst Incubator program, TANGENT provides DeFi and RealFi services and solutions to projects, developers, artists and end users. The TANGENT app merges NFTs, DeFi utility and real-world asset tokenization in a permissionless web3 layer 2 protocol that brings new capabilities and functionality to the Cardano blockchain. TANGENT is backed by its own governance token called TANG, which is the overseer and guiding force of the Tangent protocol. The TANG token gives holders the ability to participate directly in governance by voting on proposals related to the TANG token’s development and usage, as well as development and direction of Tangent protocol itself. Unlike the other Top 5 Picks, the TANG token is not yet circulating, and thus provides a rare opportunity for investors to enter this trade and attain a sizable portion of the TANG token for themselves. A regulated and fully compliant token sale is scheduled to begin on 20th February, 2023 via the LCX Exchange, where investors will be able to purchase TANG in exchange for BTC, ETH, ADA, USDC or EURO. There will be a second Non-KYC token sale via the Tangent website for ADA only starting on the 28th February, 2023. TANG token will start trading on LCX Exchange starting on 20th March, 2023. Follow Tangent on Twitter and Medium to keep up to date with the progress of the token sale. 

MIN – A Decentralized Exchange Governed by the Community

Minswap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The purpose of a DEX is to enable permissionless trading of token pairs. For each swap, a fee is taken, which goes to the Liquidity Providers (LPs). Anyone can provide Liquidity as well, hence profits are decentralized. MIN is the governance token of the protocol and it has added function as a utility, which will be decided and voted upon by the community in the future. Minswap is a community-centric DEX and thus the MIN tokens are fairly distributed, without any private or VC investment.

SUNDAE – A Decentralized Trading Protocol on Cardano

Financially backed and supported by world-class venture partners such as CFund, Alameda Research and Double Peak, SundaeSwap is a native, scalable decentralized exchange and automated liquidity provision protocol. The SundaeSwap DEX allows participants in the Cardano blockchain to provide liquidity and create a market for others to exchange their native tokens. In return, swappers pay a small fee and liquidity providers earn a return on their deposit.

MELD  – A DeFi, Non-Custodial, Banking Protocol

MELD is an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol for borrowing fiat (USD and EUR) against crypto collateral and earning yield on deposits. The MELD token is used for governance of the protocol, and you can stake it to earn yield. By providing the tools to leverage crypto holdings for the cash and credit; MELD lets users easily borrow fiat against their crypto holdings without having to sell crypto assets. Regardless if participants are borrowing, lending, staking or hodling, users are always earning yield from the crypto in their wallet by using the MELDapp. MELD offers significant capital efficiency gains in lending and borrowing compared to both centralized blockchain solutions and traditional fintech.

CLAY – PFP NFT Art and Metaverse Project

Clay Nation is an animation arts and culture project founded on Cardano. Their CLAY MATE NFTs are a collection of 10,000 digital characters with algorithmically assembled, handcrafted clay traits. Each unique character is a one-of-a kind NFT, stored on the Cardano blockchain. Just like in the non-clay world, no two members of Clay Nation are the same which makes them perfect for profile pictures on Twitter / Instagram. Each NFT doubles as an entry to Clay Nation. Clay Nation is developing as an expansive Metaverse known as the Clayverse. The CLAY token will be the main utility and governance token of Clay Nation.

ADAO – Exciting Governance-as- a-Service (GaaS) DAO infrastructure project

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a system that runs on a blockchain protocol completely and autonomously, according to rules encoded through smart contracts. By dispensing with human intervention or centralized coordination, DAOs are often referred to as “trustless” systems. ADAO is a graduate of the Cardano Catalyst Incubator program and backed by a strong team of experienced developers. The mission of ADAO is to be a “service DAO ” dedicated to providing open source code and DAO governance toolsets on the Cardano blockchain.

SUMMON –  First DAO in the Cardano ecosystem

Summon Platform is a new DAO creation and governance platform on the Cardano blockchain. Deployed by the same team members behind ADAO, Summon seeks to enable the Cardano Ecosystem to create and manage their own DAOs, staking portals, smart contracts, governance modals, tokens, treasuries, and proposals. This token can currently be attained via ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering) that began on 3rd August. ISPOs are unique to the Cardano ecosystem, and allow users to delegate their ADA to a staking pool controlled by the project, forfeiting their usual ADA staking rewards, in exchange for a new token (in this case the SUMMON token). SUMMON tokens serve as a decentralized governance mechanism for the Summon Platform and provide several forms of utility, including but not limited to membership of the Summon Community and representation at the Summon Association Assembly.

RAT – NFT & Digital Asset Investment DAO

RatsDAO was formed with the core objective of establishing one of the most unique, exclusive, and prestigious NFT collections on Cardano. Since its inception, the vision of RatsDAO has rapidly expanded from simply just collecting NFTs to investing in all types of emerging blockchain assets. RatsDAO now brings that investment opportunity to any individual regardless of their net worth. The DAO is made up of a decentralized collective of DeFi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, financial investors, and digital artists coming together to build a robust digital community. RAT is the governance token of the RatsDAO and can be used to vote on proposals related to the RatsDAO treasury, investment allocations and dividends.

HOSKY – Dog meme coin living on the Cardano blockchain

HOSKY Token was created due to the lack of doggie meme tokens on the Cardano Ecosystem. It promises to bring absolutely nothing other than low-quality memes, no financial value, no promises of mastiff gains, no mind-beagle-ing technology, just doggo memes. Dogecoin is the original meme coin: It was created as a joke based on a meme back in 2013. It rose to fame after Elon Musk began tweeting about the cryptocurrency, and retail investors started buying in droves. As the price kept increasing it made many thousands of “dogecoin millionaires” day after day. Meme coins are a type of cryptocurrency, but there’s one major difference between meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and serious cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum; and that comes down to utility. Meme coins serve no real-world purpose! However they can still make you a millionaire overnight in the blink of an eye! For that reason alone, HOSKY token is worth keeping on your radar!

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