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CEO Predicts BTC Price Breaks Above $30,000 New Highs in 2 Years

Bitcoin has surged above $30,000 for the first time since June 2022, with Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd, anticipating even higher gains in the coming years.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know:

Bitcoin Crosses $30,000 Mark After Two-Year Decline

Bitcoin had been trending downwards for the last two years after reaching a peak in late 2021. However, the cryptocurrency has seen an increase of over 80% in the last three months, prompting the recent breakthrough above the $30,000 mark.

Galaxy Digital CEO Predicts New Highs for Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd, believes that Bitcoin will reach new all-time highs within the next two years. Despite already doubling in value from its current level, Novogratz anticipates that Bitcoin will continue to soar. The cryptocurrency currently holds an all-time high of $68,789.63.

Novogratz’s Accurate Predictions

Novogratz has a track record of accurately predicting the cryptocurrency market. About a year ago, he forecasted that Bitcoin would bottom at around $20,000 and Ethereum would find stability at around $1,000. Both predictions have since come to fruition.

What Will Drive Bitcoin’s Price Appreciation?

Novogratz anticipates that Bitcoin’s value will be driven by its upcoming halving cycle, which is expected to occur in approximately one year. Additionally, an improved macro backdrop and increased adoption are likely to contribute to Bitcoin’s upward trajectory.

CoinBase’s Vital Role in Crypto Ecosystem Praised by Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd, praised Coinbase Global Inc.’s vital role in the crypto ecosystem. According to Novogratz, Coinbase acts as an on-ramp for the crypto industry and educates its users effectively. He highlighted the company’s contribution to the broader crypto industry, indicating its importance in the ecosystem.

Novogratz’s remarks came amid increased regulatory scrutiny on Coinbase, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sent a Wells Notice to the company last month. The SEC intends to file an enforcement action against Coinbase for allegedly violating federal securities laws. In response, Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate the legality of its operations in court. Novogratz’s comments indicate his belief in the significance of Coinbase’s role in the crypto ecosystem, as well as the necessity of a regulatory framework to drive the industry’s upward trend.

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“My hope is that they win their case in court on this Wells Notice and they continue to thrive, and I think they will,” he said.

Progress on the regulatory front should eventually lead to the approval of a Bitcoin ETF, which will be a “real big win” for the crypto space and give everyone a safe way to invest, Novogratz said.

The Last Word: Novogratz isn’t alone in expecting Bitcoin to soar to new highs in the coming years. Check out how much $100 invested in Bitcoin could be worth in 2030 if Ark Invest founder Cathie Wood’s stunning price prediction comes true.

$BTC Price Action: Bitcoin was last up 4.23% over a 24-hour period at $30,378.34 at the time of writing, according to Benzinga Pro.


Bitcoin has broken above the $30,000 mark for the first time in nearly a year, with Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz predicting even greater gains in the near future. Novogratz’s previous predictions have been accurate, and he believes that Bitcoin’s upcoming halving cycle, along with an improved macro environment and increased adoption, will drive the cryptocurrency’s value higher.

What is the Price prediction of BTC 2023?

According to predictions, Bitcoin may drop to $5,000 levels in 2023 due to rising interest rates and tighter monetary policy. Experts suggest that investors may avoid investing in risky assets like Bitcoin in an uncertain market, making it difficult for Bitcoin to make a significant rebound anytime soon.

Will Bitcoin fall in the future?

In the wake of the anticipated rise in interest rates and tighter monetary policy, experts predict that Bitcoin may fall to as low as $5,000 levels in 2023. They speculate that investors may shy away from risky assets like Bitcoin in an uncertain market, making it challenging for the cryptocurrency to experience a substantial rebound in the near future.

Is Bitcoin good to buy now?

Investing in Bitcoin now can be a wise decision considering its immense potential as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin offers several benefits such as enhanced security and lower transaction fees that can help diversify your portfolio. Many financial experts believe that Bitcoin is an excellent long-term investment.

How does Bitcoin make money?

Understanding Bitcoin’s Revenue Model: Bitcoin miners earn money by validating blocks and receiving rewards from the Bitcoin network. Additionally, Bitcoins can be exchanged for fiat currency through cryptocurrency exchanges and used for transactions with merchants who accept them as payment.

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