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Charles Hoskinson Exposes New Cardano Scam Method

Charles Hoskinson, the renowned founder of Cardano (ADA) blockchain and CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), a leading engineering and blockchain company, recently alerted the Cardano community about a new fraudulent tactic employed by cybercriminals. In order to help users identify impersonators, the crypto entrepreneur shared a valuable tip.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Hoskinson raised awareness among his followers and ADA investors about the email impersonation technique used by scammers to deceive unsuspecting individuals and gain access to their funds. He emphasized that he would never directly email any ADA investor to request funds or engage in any related activity.

“Just a reminder that I’ll never email you directly. Every day scumbag piece of shit scammers impersonate me attempting to steal money from you,” Hoskinson roared. 

In addition, Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind behind the Cardano blockchain, also provided evidence of an email sent by a scammer using his identity. The email showcased a fraudulent Health and Wellness Clinic purportedly established by the Hoskinson family in May 2023.

The impersonator lured the recipient by introducing a supposed “medical chain,” which they claimed to be the first medical multichain built on the Cardano blockchain. Furthermore, the impersonator insinuated a partnership between the fake medical multichain project and the Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic, which is clearly deceptive and untrue.

The scammer wrote, “As part of my vision to develop the Cardano Ecosystem in the Health care sector, we have Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic and also a medical blockchain initiative that piques my interest as I find it very appealing. The idea that medical transfer is not swift has caused the loss of lives, I have spoken about this in my past videos.”

“We have this project alliance as the first medical multichain on the Cardano blockchain when such projects are at their peak, you can imagine the impact they would have on the ecosystem and life in general. I don’t want to bore you with many details, although I will recommend you look into this medical chain as you keep buying more Ada in good faith.”


In response to the fraudulent email, Hoskinson emphasized the importance of requesting additional verification to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information to cybercriminals.

He advised ADA community members to ask the person claiming to be him to provide a signature from his PGP key as proof of identity, knowing that they would not be able to comply.

A PGP key is a public encryption key used for encrypting and signing electronic communications.

It is crucial to remain vigilant as hackers can employ various deceptive tactics, including phishing emails and websites.

Users of cryptocurrencies should be cautious when encountering suspicious approaches and avoid clicking on untrusted links.

It is worth noting that Hoskinson’s Health and Wellness Clinic, launched on May 26, accepts payments in ADA, contributing to the growing number of businesses supporting and utilizing ADA for transactions.


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