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Director Matt Reeves Teases Greig Fraser’s Return for The Batman Part II

Director Matt Reeves has appeared to confirm that Greig Fraser will be returning as the director of photography for The Batman Part II. In a recent interview on the Team Deakins podcast with renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins, Reeves openly discussed his collaboration with Fraser and hinted at their continued partnership for the sequel.

Expressing his admiration for Fraser’s work, Reeves expressed a desire to keep working together, stating, “When you find someone who you love working with, you just want to say, ‘Come on, please let’s keep working together because this is such a… How much farther can we push it?'” He revealed that he has been discussing the next movie with Fraser and their enthusiasm to push boundaries further.

While it remains unclear if Fraser has officially signed on for the sequel, the anticipation for his return is shared by many, including Roger Deakins himself. Deakins, a two-time Oscar winner, praised Fraser’s cinematography in The Batman and expressed disappointment that it wasn’t recognized at the Academy Awards, hailing it as the “best work” of the year.

“I’m really glad you did Batman because I’ve never been a fan of Batman, sorry, until your film. I’ve seen it probably three or four times. And I think it’s it’s very moving. I mean, I love it. I connect with the characters. I connect with what you’re saying with it, which is what I want from a movie. It’s great.”

Earlier reports indicated that The Batman Part II was set to commence filming by the end of 2023, targeting a Fall production start. Currently, the sequel is slated to premiere in theaters on October 3rd, 2025, according to the latest information available. However, no official casting announcements or specific details about the film have been disclosed at this time.

DC’s Knight Terrors: A Terrifying Journey into the Nightmare Realm

This summer, the DC Universe is set to embark on a spine-chilling journey. DC has released a promotional trailer for Knight Terrors, an upcoming event that will intertwine throughout various DC books in July and August.

First announced in February, the event promises a core series written by Joshua Williamson, accompanied by artwork from Howard Porter, Guillem March, and other talented artists.

Alongside the main series, several two-issue miniseries will spotlight individual DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains as they confront their deepest fears within the “Nightmare Realm.”

The stakes are high, as any ordeal faced in the Nightmare Realm will have real-world repercussions in the waking world. Prepare for an intensifying and hair-raising addition to the DC Universe.

Unraveling Nightmarish Secrets in DC’s Knight Terrors Event

DC’s Knight Terrors Event Begins with Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, Unleashing Dark Nightmares on Heroes and Villains

The highly anticipated Knight Terrors event kicks off with Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, penned by Joshua Williamson (Superman) and illustrated by Howard Porter (The Flash).

When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman stumble upon the body of one of their early adversaries within the Hall of Justice, their investigation propels them into realms beyond the living and the dead.

They confront a formidable new foe known as Insomnia, whose powers ensnare every hero and villain in their own twisted nightmares. To save the world, an unlikely hero, Deadman, must be summoned!

Knight Terrors, a gripping four-issue miniseries by Williamson, features artwork by Giuseppe Camuncoli (The Joker), Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard (Home Sick Pilots).

Boston Brand, also known as Deadman, assumes the role of a supernatural guide as the story unfolds. Following the events of Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, the entire world finds itself trapped within nightmarish realms.

Batman and Deadman race against time to unravel Insomnia’s true identity and his thirst for revenge against the DC Universe’s heroes. Knight Terrors #1 hits comic shops on July 11 and boasts variant covers by Francesco Mattina, Alex Maleev, Evan “Doc” Shaner (1:25 variant), Alex Maleev (1:50 variant), Ivan Reis (1:100 variant), and a captivating Darkest Hour cover by Reis.

In Knight Terrors #2, Batman, Deadman, and the Sandman, Wesley Dodds, join forces to confront one of Dodds’ long-standing unsolved cases—a haunting mystery that plagued him until his final moments.

Their path leads them to the Nightmare Stone, but Insomnia won’t relent, unleashing his relentless army, the Sleepless Knights, to pursue them.

Knight Terrors #2 showcases a captivating cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, along with open-to-order variants by Francesco Mattina and Mahmud Asrar.

Additional variants include a 1:25 variant by Jeff Spokes, a 1:50 variant by Ivan Reis, and a 1:100 variant by Asrar. Reis also contributes a stunning Darkest Hour variant.

Are you eagerly anticipating DC’s Knight Terrors event? Share your excitement and thoughts on the event’s first trailer in the comments below.

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