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Kamasutram Web Series (2023) Yessma: Cast, How to Watch All Episodes Online Free Download

Kamasutram is an Indian web series from Yessma. The Malayalam language web series will release on 5 June 2023. It is available to watch online on the Yessma website and app. The web series cast has Akshatha etc.

Kamasutram: Exploring India’s Bold and Empowering Web Series (Watch All Episodes Online Free Download)

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In recent years, the Indian entertainment industry has witnessed a significant surge in the popularity of web series, showcasing diverse stories and breaking conventional norms. One such series that has garnered immense attention is “Kamasutram,” a Malayalam language web series from Yessma. Scheduled to release on 5th June 2023, the show promises to be a trailblazer, addressing themes that have long been considered taboo in Indian society. With an exceptional cast led by Akshatha and others, “Kamasutram” seeks to captivate audiences with its bold storytelling and empowering narratives.

Breaking Stereotypes and Taboos

“Kamasutram” aims to shatter social norms and ignite conversations on topics that have historically been brushed under the carpet. The web series explores the complexities of human relationships, delving into intimate aspects of life that often go unspoken in mainstream media. By confronting these subjects head-on, the show provides a platform for viewers to reflect on their beliefs, challenging traditional attitudes and promoting acceptance.

Bold and Empowering Storytelling

The series’ creators have set out to narrate the stories of diverse characters, each navigating their unique journey of self-discovery, love, and liberation. The web series promises to be unapologetically bold, empowering, and honest in its portrayal of human emotions and desires. By embracing this fearless approach, “Kamasutram” seeks to resonate with a modern audience that values authenticity and representation in the stories they consume.

Stellar Cast and Performances

At the heart of any successful production lies a talented cast, and “Kamasutram” does not disappoint. Akshatha, a versatile and skilled actor, leads the ensemble with an impactful performance. The supporting cast, comprised of several other talented actors, brings depth and credibility to the narrative, ensuring that the audience is immersed in the characters’ journeys.

Embracing the Digital Era

With the increasing popularity of digital platforms, web series have become a powerful medium to reach a broader audience. The Yessma website and app provide a convenient and accessible way for viewers to watch “Kamasutram” online. By embracing the digital era, the creators of the series have made it easier for viewers to engage with its progressive and thought-provoking content.

Social Impact and Conversations

“Kamasutram” is more than just a web series; it is a catalyst for societal change. By initiating crucial dialogues on sensitive topics, the show aims to broaden the perspectives of its audience and foster empathy and understanding. The impact of the series is expected to extend beyond its runtime, prompting discussions that challenge long-standing beliefs and prejudices.

Cultural Representation

Set in Kerala, the heartland of Malayalam cinema, “Kamasutram” brings to the forefront the rich cultural heritage of the region. It combines contemporary storytelling with elements of traditional art forms, music, and scenic beauty, creating an authentic and visually appealing viewing experience.


“Kamasutram” is a bold step towards a more inclusive and accepting entertainment industry in India. By confronting societal taboos and encouraging open conversations, the web series has the potential to make a significant impact on its audience. With a stellar cast, powerful storytelling, and a commitment to cultural representation, “Kamasutram” promises to be a game-changer in the world of Indian web series. As it releases on the Yessma website and app, viewers eagerly await to witness this progressive and empowering narrative unfold.


The plot revolves around the romantic moments of a man. He gets close with a bold girl and life changes forever.

Kamasutram Cast (Yessma)

  • Akshatha: Akshita Sethi is an Indian television actress. She stepped into acting industry with a Bollywood film Bezubaan Ishq. She also appeared in the television shows like Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai and Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar. Akshita is originally from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Genre: Romance, Drama, 18+
Release Date: 5 June 2023
Language: Malayalam
Platform: Yessma

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