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5 books about football you can’t miss

There are books about football that can teach us a lot about this sport. For true fans, football is not only a sporting activity, but a philosophy and a lifestyle full of passion.

Interestingly, football is not one of the sports that partner with intellectuals. In fact, some authors such as Jorge Luis Borges himself, an Argentine writer who is part of the Latin American books that you cannot miss, and without a doubt one of the most recognized voices in literature worldwide came to make some derogatory comments about it. For example, he once said football was so popular because stupidity was popular. A rather strong assertion if we think that there are other authors today who are dedicated to writing about this sport and who have achieved a significant inclusion of it in the world of intellectuals.

Here are some examples of these types of authors and their books on football.

God is round

Any list of football books should start with writer Juan Villoro. He is one of the Latin American authors who have written the most about football and who are best known for their contributions on the subject. His book God is round collects experiences, memories, fictional, and stories that go through time and reflect on it, as well as different eras in sport and some key players.


Boquita is a book by Argentine writer Martín Caparrós. In it, he talks about his favorite team: Boca Juniors. He travels the passage of time in the club, from a personal and also collective perspective, and tells in detail why he has a love for that team. The work is complex, because talking about the things we love most is not so simple always. A quote on this text is illustrative in this regard “I was always an amateur of lost causes, but not in the football: I am from Boca Juniors. There are anecdotes that only football gives you. There goes a memorable tackle: one by Antonio Roma that caused her to leave Boca after tackling a historic shot at River. Not that I want to add all the responsibility of my passion, but it is the starting point, which led me to write a book (Boquita) and brought me closer to the structure of the institution.”


In the tone of fiction, The Haggle explores the story of Murilo Filho, a legendary football chronicler who faces one of life’s greatest battles: a terminal illness. Neto, his son, with which he broke up relationships 26 years ago, is a resentful self-help book proofer who is saved in the pop culture of the 1970s. In history, we can see the difference between a generation that lived the golden age of Brazilian football and another that is unenchanted with democracy and political ideas, having lived through a dictatorship.

The life we think

If stories are your thing, this is a compilation that’s part of the football books you can’t miss. The author is Eduardo Sacheri, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1967, and his work has had translations into many languages. These tales explore with nostalgia and joy some of the most moving stories of dozens of Argentine clubs and the joy they provoked in thousands of fans of all ages, genres and lifestyles.

Sun and shade football

Eduardo Galeano is also one of the authors that can not miss when we talk about football in Latin America. Interestingly, the author died on the same day that Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey scored a goal, joining the list of people affected by the supposed curse of this footballer’s goals. This book gathers stories that talk about characters that exist on and off the football field and are described herein a very elegant way.

WandaVision, the new Disney Plus series, will premiere with two episodes

Marvel Studios will premiere the new WandaVision series through the Disney+ streaming service next Friday, January 15. This means that Disney will make an exception to its weekly standard format and release two episodes of the series at once.

We have no idea why Disney and Marvel Studios will premiere 2 episodes in a single day, as even with their star series, The Mandalorian, the streaming service had taken this route, so we’re excited to take our first look at this series with surreal tints.

After this release date, WandaVision episodes will be released in a standard format, each half-hour episode, available every Friday for the next 7 weeks.

It is clear that such digital platforms are the new dominant forces of the entertainment market, and we have the clear example of Malcolm and Marie, the new Netflix film that could win an Oscar.

WandaVision brings us a different and much more cerebral perspective to the previous stagings of the Avengers team members, as the series is based on an alternate reality created by Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch and her partner Vision, an android created by the gem of the mind.

Within this alternate reality, our two main characters find themselves living a quiet life in the suburbs of the United States, and we gradually begin to discover, along with them, that things are not as they seem.

Gradually, Disney+ establishes as one of the best streaming services, and thanks to its extensive portfolio of entertainment franchises. We can’t wait to see what new universes will be expanded with situations we probably would never have been able to see only in a movie.

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