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Marvel is already finishing Loki’s second season without the first one premiering

Marvel is already finishing the second season of Loki’s series even though the first one hasn’t even premiered

While there are large numbers of characters in the Marvel universe, some recognizable even though you’ve never seen one of the Avengers movies like Captain America or the Hulk, it seems that by popular opinion, the most beloved character is the God of Loki antics.

Speaking of iconic figures from the Marvel universe, there are rumors that Robert Downey Jr, also known as Iron Man, may appear in the Star Wars universe.

Disney seems to agree with this, as although the Loki series has not yet been released on the streaming service, the US company has just revealed that it is already in the final post-production phases of the show’s second season.

We must wait until May 2021 for the premiere of the first season but we are sure that if Disney observes a great response, they post the second season without much delay, so if you are a fan, it is your time to make noise on social networks.

The new series is based on an alternate universe, in which we return to the events of the first Avengers film, in which Loki leads an alien invasion of Earth, only to be defeated by the world’s favorite superhero team.

Well, in this alternate universe, Loki escapes with the Tesseract just before he is defeated, so he doesn’t travel the entire round of redemption that transforms him from a villain to an antihero, or at least a less chaotic element. 

We must remember that the Loki of ancient mythology, not necessarily an evil character, simply desires chaos and tricks over all things.

If you found this somewhat confusing, it should be remembered that this new phase of the Marvel universe will be based on doctor Strange’s film where access to multiple dimensions will be explored.

Another Marvel series on Disney service that premieres soon, and with two episodes in one day, is WandaVision, find out all the details here.

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