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5 films whose endings are disappointing, according to critics

The disappointing finishes in the film are undoubtedly one of the greatest tragedies. The viewer is already completely immersed in the plot, waiting (consciously or unconsciously) for the emotion to remain intense for longer, and when the end arrives and it does not measure up to the rest of the film, disappointment arrives.

The only moments when disappointing endings don’t feel so tragic is when, overall, the movie doesn’t thrill us from the start. This basically only works if the movie is very good, but it fails to stay that way until the last minute. On the other hand, an ending can be the salvation of the film. There are movies that are remembered for their great endings , almost always with a wow factor or a twist in the story, while others could have done better, but ruined the plot near the end.

So what would be some movies with disappointing endings ? Different media specialized in cinema have gathered titles in their lists and here we select some examples.

Vaseline (1978)

This classic of the film has an end very strange and frankly disappointing. More in terms of feminism. And it is that the protagonist (Sandy) needs to transform radically to finally get Danny’s attention, a message that today would not be so pleasant or well accepted by the audience. 2021, women no longer want to change to make men like us. For this reason, several people begin to conceive this film as a misogynistic work . Also, that ending where Sandy flies off in a car was slightly unnecessary, don’t you think?


Titanic (1997)

Let’s start with the debate we all remember in this movie, did Jack fit in the table? Probably yes, so the ending of this film seems a bit far-fetched to us. Also, we don’t really understand why Rose throws the necklace into the sea. According to some critics, this gesture is not well justified in the plot and its relevance is not explained. Furthermore, the piece may have helped victims of the sinking of the ship if he sold it in secret.


Devil’s Advocate (1997)

For many critics, the end of this film starring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron was a failure. And it is that, when it seems that everything is over, the film rewinds without any apparent explanation and returns to the first scenes. That’s it. A simple way to leave the story unexplained and uncomplicated with ways to resolve plot tensions. We are not against confusing endings in the cinema , but these must be well justified.

AI Artificial Intelligence (2001)

A series of somewhat cheesy sequences are the end of this Steven Spielberg film that many people considered too long and without much contribution to the story (or at least not the tone of the rest of the film). Apparently, several viewers would have preferred a more sinister ending than tender.

Signs (2002)

In this movie, the ending feels too weird. And it is that the aliens leave Earth, Merril (Joaquin Phoenix) ends the last alien in the world and his son recovers thanks to asthma, and it turns out that everything was a plan of God. It is about a recovery of faith on the part of its protagonist, who had lost hope after his wife’s death, but this feels slightly false today. However, the film maintains the tension very well throughout the plot, it just does not appeal to people without much faith currently.

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