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Labo Fit Adventure Kart, the way to burn calories while playing Mario Kart

Labo Fit Adventure Kart is an extraordinary way to burn calories while playing Mario Kart , one of the favorite titles of millions of people (don’t deny that it is also one of your favorite video games , because we know that even if you are an experienced gamer , you are always pleased get behind the wheel to defeat all your rivals in this fun Nintendo game).

But why not take the traditional experience one level further and burn multiple calories as you gobble up miles on digital tracks and make your opponents bite the dust? That was precisely the thought of Mike Choi, self-proclaimed as a “hardware hacker” and who says he completely hates physical activity. Mike used all the months we have spent in confinement to develop the Labo Fit Adventure Kart , a project that turns the gaming experience into a very demanding training session . 

What is Labo Fit Adventure Kart? 

Choi assures that the purpose of this experiment was to unite his passion for video games with the lack of physical activity, in order to have an experience that will allow you to play while you train. To do this, he integrated his Nintendo Switch with elements such as the Labo Kit Variety , the Ring Fit and, of course, his Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (a title that we could well have included among the most iconic video games in history ) to give life to a workout that will motivate you to exercise. 

“This is a functional device that I developed myself,” Mike tweeted several days ago, while publicizing his idea on his YouTube channel ( MechaChoi ). “With this kit, you will put your abdomen to work , but also your arms and legs, ” says the hacker in his video, while explaining how you must connect all devices to take the Mario Kart game to other levels. Of course, in addition to the elements that we already mentioned, you must have a stationary bike and a TAPBO module, which will be integrated into the whole concept in order to turn the video game into a true training session

In this way, the Labo Fit Adventure Kart developed by Mike Choi will make your pedaling directly proportional to the progress your character has on the Mario Kart race track , while the Ring Fit will become your steering wheel, but also a Element to avoid obstacles and launch the different elements that each character has in this iconic video game. 

If you are already determined to burn calories using this tool, then here is the video with the explanation of how to get the Labo Fit Adventure Kart …

How about this experiment? We believe it could be a good way to start the fitness path for this year and reach your goals, although we also leave you some apps for 2021 to do meditation and exercise . 

Edmund Hurtt
Edmund Hurtt
Edmund is an accomplished writer whose diverse portfolio spans across various genres and subjects. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, he effortlessly navigates through the realms of fiction, non-fiction, and journalistic pieces. As a regular contributor to City Telegraph, Edmund continues to challenge boundaries and expand horizons.

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