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Cannes Film Festival 2021: from dates to the unmissable. What you should know

It has already happened with the Grammys, and now the 2021 Cannes Film Festival , the largest film gathering in the world, could see its calendar altered by the effects of the pandemic. The event, which usually makes the French coast the epicenter of the entertainment industry, would say goodbye to its traditional dates in May to take place in July’s first days.

The new dates for the Festival could now be between July 5 and 25, as reported. According to Variety, the official announcement on the organizers’ decision to postpone the event will come in a few days. The media points out that it will be at the end of the month when the organizers announce whether “they will keep their dates in May or it is postponed for the summer.”

So far, the 2021 Cannes Film Festival is scheduled to take place between May 11 and May 22. It would be the first international event of such magnitude to take place. When it appeared, it was planned to do it at the end of June, which would be linked to the Cannes Lions, the advertising festival that precedes the cinematographic meeting . “A source from Cannes Lions said there are no plans to postpone the event to October as happened last year before it was canceled,” Variety reported.

In addition to the premieres and the overwhelming red carpets, the French coast meeting transcends since important negotiations of the films that dominate the box office in the subsequent months usually take place in its ranks.

Due to the pandemic, film festivals like the one in Venice were held with a controlled influx, and there was little of the stately red carpets where face masks were the new standard. In Cannes, which usually attracts the international press for several days, the Palais des Festivals , the iconic venue where the stars parade, has become a vaccination center.

By 2021, with the vaccine slowly flowing in a world hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis, other events such as the Grammys, which went from their traditional date in January to March, imply that they coincide with others awards such as the SAG Awards. As for the cinema, big ceremonies like the Oscars 2021 have not yet defined their formats.

According to some media, the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival contemplated holding it in August. And although the proposal was discarded, it could be resumed, Variety points out, if the current situation does not allow other dates and conditions.

Ismael Brooks
Ismael Brooks
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