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How to Change Your Netflix Country and Watch Restricted/Blocked Content

One of the things that bug me most about Netflix is how drastically different the content can be depending on which part of the world I’m in.

For example, if I wanted to watch the five Terminator movies currently available on the service, I would have to travel to no fewer than three different countries: the UK, Japan, and Canada.

Or would I?

There is, of course, a much easier (not to mention cheaper) way to go about it.

To access any show from any country, all you need to do is change your Netflix region. It’s an easy process anyone can manage. The only thing you need is a virtual private network (VPN).

To that effect, here’s a quick guide on how to change the country on your Netflix account at will using one.

Choose a Reliable VPN to Change Netflix Region

A Virtual Private Network, popularly shortened as VPN, is a great tool to use for changing your location status. It can change your current location by assigning a virtual location of your choice. But get this – not any VPN will help you change the Netflix region.

Some of the free VPNs you see around aren’t as effective in changing the location of your Netflix account. Therefore, it would help if you did a bit of research to find out the best one to use.

The right VPN will even offer you HD streaming, which you need to enjoy your experience using Netflix. But just what is the reason for Netflix to place restrictions on certain geographical regions?

Netflix may do this due to licensing agreements. The platform can tell where you are from your IP address. And this is what limits you to the content that’s only available in your region.

Very few people know that Netflix has a distinct library for every country. For instance, opening a Netflix account from, let’s say Japan, would paint a very different picture from that of the UK. And this is so sensitive and followed that even in the US, some shows available in other countries don’t appear. This is strange for many, bearing in mind that it’s a US company.

How a VPN Works

The VPN changes your IP address to alter your location. And this makes it look like you’re connecting to Netflix from a certain country. This gives you the liberty to watch any content from any part of the world, regardless of where you are.

It sounds simple enough that you can do this, to an extent that you would consider using a free VPN. But the truth is that it’s not. Netflix has managed to narrow down on certain weak VPNs, which cannot surpass their security. And that’s why you need a potent VPN server to achieve this success.

Installing the VPN software is a breeze, and it barely takes minutes. The tough part is choosing the right VPN to change the Netflix region.

Why Free VPNs Rarely or Don’t Even Work At All

You might be tempted to use free VPNs to change the Netflix region. While some may work to some extent, it’s a risk and a venture you don’t want to follow. Here are two reasons why we don’t recommend using free VPNs:

  • Netflix has a proxy error – free VPNs have a cap when it comes to accessing Netflix from different regions. The reason why this happens is because of the highly functional and sophisticated VPN detection system that Netflix has. If the system manages to find out you’re using a VPN to access content on their platform, you can only stream for so long. Within no time, you won’t be able to use their platform. And sometimes, they may even take further measures against that account. That’s why you need an equally sophisticated VPN that can bypass Netflix’s proxy and streaming error.
  • Data limits – this is the second reason why we believe free VPNs are a bad idea. Most of the free VPNs available online have caps and limitations on bandwidth. And this is the last thing you want to hear when you’re streaming. Generally, streaming uses a large bandwidth. And doing so with limitations is equal to not watching anything at all. You definitely can’t stream as much as you want. So, if you have that attention-grabbing TV series that you follow like religion, prepare to get an unexpected suspense break. This is a sharp contrast from their premium counterparts. With a premium VPN, you get unlimited bandwidth to stream on your terms. Get unrestricted streaming access to Netflix.

What’s the Worst Netflix Can Do?

So here’s a valid question – what will they do if they find out I’m using VPN to change Netflix region. While many may jump to a conclusion that they will close down your account, this is not really the case. In fact, if anything, they never block accounts for using VPNs – even when they discover you do through sending proxy errors. Therefore, rest assured that the account will remain safe at all times.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, now you’ve known how you can use a VPN to change the Netflix region. Thus, feel free to do so at your own convenience. Just remember that a premium VPN works better than a free one when you want to change the Netflix region effectively.

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