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Is “The Martian” more intelligent than “Central Intelligence”?

The US authorities are in full focus this Sunday. Twice it’s about the CIA and once about NASA. Who is ahead in this battle?

“The Martian – Save Mark Watney” (Sat.1)
Matt Damon as a terrific astronaut: A dangerous sandstorm occurs on a space mission to explore the planet Mars. When the mission is aborted, astronaut Mark Watney is seriously injured and is separated from his comrades in an unconscious state. While everyone believes that he is dead, Mark struggles to survive alone in space. He has to survive four years until the next mission to Mars starts, which is his only hope.

The rating:
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 9
Metascore: 8
IMDB User Rating: 8
Overall score: 25 out of 30

«Central Intelligence» (RTL)
Calvin Joyner is dissatisfied with his life: 20 years ago in high school he was predicted to have a great career, today he leads a completely normal life as an accountant. There is also a crisis in his marriage to his childhood sweetheart Maggie. When he is contacted by his former comrade Bob, Calvin’s life changes suddenly. Without wanting to, the two become the target of the CIA and have to expose a real villain.

The rating:
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 6
Metascore: 5
IMDB User Rating: 6
Overall score: 17 of 30 points 

«The Rhythm Section – Time of Vengeance» (Sky Cinema)

After her family is killed in a plane crash, a rebellious woman swears revenge. Stephanie Patrick is convinced that the crash was not an accident and she goes on a search for the truth. She turns to a former CIA agent who can help her. When Stephanie finds the first answers, she absolutely wants to hold those responsible to account.

The rating:
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: 4
Metascore: 5
IMDB User Rating: 5
Overall score : 14 of 30 points

Third place is occupied by the thriller by Reed Morano. Second place goes to the comedy film by director Rawson Marshall Thurber. The science fiction film “The Martian – Save Mark Watney”, in which Matt Damon plays the leading role, is by a clear margin in first place and thus the winner for best Sunday evening entertainment.

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