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Fan dream come true: “Harry Potter” series is to come!

While many streaming providers have already tried potential “Harry Potter” successors (most recently Netflix with “Fate: The Winx Saga”), Warner is now simply doing it himself: A “Harry Potter” series is apparently in the works.

With her “Harry Potter” books, author JK Rowling set off a global phenomenon that was no less successful in making films. Five years after its end, the five-part prequel series “Fantastic Beasts” started the more or less successful attempt to build on the “Potter” success on the big screen ( part 3 is due to appear in 2022 after some turbulence). But it won’t stop there.

Rumors have been simmering for years that Warner could add a series to the so-called “Wizarding World”. And now the cat is apparently out of the bag:

A reality series that is set in the “Harry Potter” universe is to come. The industry experts learned this exclusively from the Hollywood Reporter.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ” Harry Potter ” series is currently still in a very early stage of development. According to this, studio managers have so far only met with a few potential authors for the project to discuss possible ideas.

Warner himself even denied in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter that a “Harry Potter” series is in development. However, both the well-connected industry journal and its similarly reliable colleagues from Variety have learned from several sources that the talks mentioned actually took place.

It is by no means uncommon for officials to deny such prestigious projects at such an early stage of preparation, as long as production does not have the final go-ahead. In any case, there seems to be a lot going on behind the scenes to get a “Harry Potter” series off the ground soon.


However, nothing is known about a specific action. So it is basically unclear whether it will actually be a “Harry Potter” series in the true sense of the word, which is directly or indirectly related to the story of the famous student of magic. It has been rumored several times that we could get the school days of the “Marauders”, the Hogwarts troop around Harry’s father James and Sirius Black presented in series.

But it would also be conceivable that the series only play in the same world, but there a completely independent story is told (such as in 2022 in the eagerly awaited video game “Hogwarts Legacy”, set in the 19th century). The possibilities of the rich “wizarding world” are almost endless here.


In any case, the expansion of the “Harry Potter” brand into the series area is to be produced exclusively for Warner’s streaming service HBO Max . The aim is to bring this forward in the competitive market, after having already announced that all Warner films of the year 2021 (including ” Dune ” and ” Matrix 4 “) will be there parallel to the cinema release (and at no extra charge for subscribers *) inside) are made available.

With exclusive “Harry Potter” content, HBO Max is also doing the same with competitor Disney, who is pushing its streaming service Disney + to produce all kinds of original series for in-house brands such as “Star Wars” and Marvel.

“Fantastic Beasts 3” without Johnny Depp – the actor still gets that much money for the film

It now remains to be seen whether the gradually expanding online platform will find its way to Germany before the start of the planned “Harry Potter” series. Since we expect the project to start in 2022 at the earliest, or rather in 2023 at the earliest, with the certainly complex production, this could actually be the case.

By the way, a year ago (and thus even before the US launch of HBO Max) we thought about what a “Harry Potter” series could be about

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