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Netflix’s exciting new feature: Goodbye Autoplay and hello Sleeptimer with snooze option

That’s what we’ve been waiting for! Now you can finally doze off to your favorite Netflix series with a clear conscience.

You could say Netflix is ​​the 21st century lullaby. Many Netflix users follow the same system: when they want to fall asleep, they lie on the couch or in bed and turn on their favorite series – and let the sandman do his work. The problem: The series just keeps going on, episode after episode. This has two disadvantages: First, it is tedious to find the place where the brain cells still paid some attention to the action. And secondly, it is not uncommon for the device’s battery to die due to long playback when we wake up at some point.

That should change now. Netflix has been testing a new feature since Friday that will be available on Android devices that will allow us to stop playback whenever we see fit. 

This is how the new tool from Netflix works

From now on, test subjects can see a clock icon in the top right corner of the screen while watching a series or movie. This button is called the “timer”. When you tap it, you’ll see four options: turn off the Netflix app after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or when the current episode ends.

When the set time is reached, Netflix will display a countdown at the top of the screen with a “Snooze” button that will reset the timer.

This new feature replaces the old annoying “Are you still there?” Button. From now on, we can interrupt the transmission of a program when we fall asleep, but only if we have asked to. ( Worth reading: Bridgerton, Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and all you need to know )

We can finally fall asleep to our favorite Feel Good series without having to worry that it will just continue to run during a nap or that the battery will end up dead.

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