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“Wonder Woman 1984”: Sky shows the film before it opens in theaters

Before “Wonder Woman 1984” hits German cinemas, the film will be available on the Sky streaming service. We’ll tell you how to watch the comic book adaptation.

“Wonder Woman 1984” will celebrate its German premiere on Sky. Even before the DC comic adaptation comes to our cinemas, it will be available from the streaming provider: from February 18, to be precise.

That’s behind the success of Wonder Woman

When Warner Bros., in cooperation with DC-Comics, brought the first film about the strong Amazon with a heart of gold to the cinema in 2017, they wrote a piece of film history with it; For the first time ever, a female superhero got her own film – and the audience seemed to have been waiting for someone to close that niche in the market: the first “Wonder Woman” film grossed more than $ 800 million; A completely new dimension of entertainment opened up, especially for young women between the ages of 20 and 30. The sequel, “Wonder Woman 1984”, can already boast a great success: the blockbuster is the most commercially successful film since the beginning of the pandemic. The film was shown in cinemas in many countries at the end of December and was simultaneously released on the HBO Max streaming platform. So now the film is also coming to German screens.

How to watch “Wonder Woman 1984” on Sky

At Sky, “Wonder Woman 1984” is included in the Cinema Package and also available via the Sky Ticket streaming service, which can be canceled on a monthly basis . With Sky Q, the hit is also available in Ultra HD quality. In addition: Even after the film comes to German cinemas, Sky customers can still enjoy “Wonder Woman 1984” from their home theater.

“Wonder Woman 1984”: That’s what the blockbuster is about

In “Wonder Woman 1984” Gal Gadot aka Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman swings the lasso again. More than half a century has passed since her epic duel with the god of war Ares. Diana, who is still mourning her lover, the pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), leads a secluded life as a museum curator. However, when humanity faces a new, dire threat, Diana realizes it is time to dust off her armor. In addition to gripping action scenes, witty dialogues and a lot of girl power, you can expect lots of shrill outfits and synthesizer anthems from this film.

With Gadot, who was not only Miss Israel, but also served in the army and is the mother of two daughters, Warner Bros. seems to have found the best possible cast for a superhero of this caliber. After all, Wonder Woman also stands for strength, caring and superhuman beauty. In director Patty Jenkins, who this time was also involved in the script and production, Gadot seems to have found the perfect partner to bring the adventures of the Amazon Princess Diana to the screen. So we can be curious how things will go with Wonder Woman.

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