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Justice League Snyder Cut Leaks on HBO and brings Good News

A small mistake by HBO Max in the United States caused Zack Snyder’s Justice League to be leaked , but that has left a very good reveal for fans. Don’t worry, you won’t find spoilers here.

What’s the best part about Zack Snyder’s Justice League lasting 4 hours? That when HBO Max mistakenly leaks a whole hour of the movie, you can rest assured that it’s “only” an hour and they haven’t spoiled the entire tape with spoilers.

Because yes, yesterday the first hour of Justice League: Snyder Cut was leaked by mistake It turns out that HBO Max users who wanted to see the Tom & Jerry movie instead found the Zack Snyder movie scheduled to premiere on March 18.

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As expected, many of these subscribers uploaded videos and images of the new Justice League to their social networks And while fans moved quickly to remove the content to protect Zack Snyder’s work and the rest of the world from spoilers , some tweets still stand.

No, these tweets no longer have spoilers, but what they do have is very good news. The truth is that with the latest trailer it was to be expected, but the leak has confirmed it: the quality of the special effects of Justice League: Snyder Cut is on another level.

If there was one thing he didn’t like too much about Joss Whedon’s version (well, there were a lot of things but this one in particular) it was the special effects. Starting with the attempt to remove Henry Cavill’s mustache and going through Steppenwolf and his army.

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Fortunately, and according to what the lucky ones who have already seen the first part of Snyder’s Justice League have commented , the CGI of now is at the level of what Marvel is taking out. Of course over the years the technology has improved, but the director’s style has had a lot to do with it too, no doubt.

There is little more than a week to enjoy Zack Snyder’s version of The Justice League , but everything indicates that despite the length of the wait, this movie is going to be everything DC fans craved and much more .

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