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Volvo plans to become electric vehicles production leader by 2030

Volvo Cars plans to become a leader in the production of electric vehicles by 2030.The automaker is going to focus on building battery-powered cars. By...

    Most Beautiful Royal Women in the World

    A queen is not only the woman with the immense privilege to rule the state; she’s also a trendsetter and a role model, among other things. But royalty is not just the kings and queens. It’s also dukes and dutchesses, princes and princesses, and other members of the royal families. Get ready to see some pictures of the most beautiful princesses and queens in the world. Believe us, these fancy ladies deserve every last bit of your attention!

    1. Princess Madeleine, Sweden

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    Princess Madeleine Theresa Amelia Josefina is the second daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Silvia. She absolutely loves horseback riding and traveling. Maybe even both at the same time.

    Princess Madeleine, Sweden

    2. Nicoletta Romanoff, the great-great-granddaughter of Nikolai I

    Nicoletta Consolo Romanoff is a descendant of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I. But after all these generations, she’s not too worried about her Russian roots.

    Nicoletta Romanoff

    3. Princess Keisha Omilana, Nigeria

    Although Keisha Omilana is a princess, it didn’t keep her away from becoming a model. She constantly appears on the catwalks and stars in various commercials. Byt the way, Keisha was the first African-American woman to appear in a Pantene ad.

    4. Princess Sofia, Sweden

    Her royal highness Princess Sofia is the consort of Prince Carl Philip. At 34, she managed to build a successful modeling career, open her own yoga center, create a line of sportswear, and open a children’s charity fund.

    5. Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, Germany

    Princess Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, nicknamed TNT, has a column in Vogue and enjoys extreme sports. Contrary to the prevailing opinion that all royals are reserved and have a stick up their bum, Liz admits that she loves going on adventures.

    6. Alessandra de Osma, wife of the Prince of Hanover

    Prince Christian and Alessandra de Osma met in 2005 when she acted as a tour guide during the prince’s visit to Peru. A few years later, fate brought them together again. In 2011, Christian and Alessandra came out as a couple and, in 2018, made their relationship official.


    7. Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of the Princess of Monaco

    Charlotte Casiraghi is not only incredibly beautiful but also super talented. Equestrian sports, fashion, and now journalism – is there anything this sweetheart can’t do?

    8. Princess Martha Louise, Norway

    The Norwegian princess Martha Louise is fourth in line to the throne after her brother and his children. In 2002, she released her first book describing her relationship with her ex-husband Ari Ben. So she’s sort of a big deal.

    9. Jetsun Pema, Queen of Bhutan

    Jetsun Pema is the youngest queen in the world. Many call her the Tibetan Kate Middleton. Jetsun was only 27 when she inherited the throne. It is rumored that her husband, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, the fifth king of Bhutan, met this beauty in the park as a child and promised to marry her after a while. Kinda creepy but also kinda sweet.

    10. Letizia, Queen Consort of Spain

    Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano married King Philip VI and became Queen of Spain. Her first husband was a school literature teacher, who inspired her to go into journalism in the first place.

    11. Lady Amelia Windsor, granddaughter of Prince Edward, UK

    Lady Amelia Windsor is one of the contenders for the British throne, but she has no intention of taking the throne at all. Amelia’s main objective in life is to become a successful journalist. Moreover, Amelia is a big fan of fashion, and she loves to dress up with style, buying clothes both from famous designers as well as flea markets.


    12. Princess Ameerah at-Taweel, Saudi Arabia

    Princess Ameerah al-Taweel breaks all stereotypes about women in Saudi Arabia. She never wears traditional clothes, advocates for the empowerment of local women, and even divorced Prince Alwaleed of her own free will. In case you didn’t know, the Islamic culture is super strict about women having any kind of power.

    13. Princess Charlene, Monaco

    Charlene Lynette Wittstock is an Olympic swimming champion. By the way, that’s how she met her future husband, Prince of Monaco Albert. Currently, Charlene is raising two children, does a lot of charity, and is a member of various sports commissions.

    14. Princess Salwa Aga Khan (Kendra Spears), wife of Prince Rahim Aga Khan

    Before marrying Prince Rahim Aga Khan, Kenda Spears used to be a model. Many of her fans call her the “American Cinderella” because her story really coincides with that fairy tale quite a bit.

    15. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, UK

    Catherine Middleton is one of the most recognizable members of the British royal family. She met her future husband, Prince William, during her student years, but back then, they were just friends. Now Catherine and William are happily married and have three children.


    Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

    After marrying Prince Harry, Meghan became a legit UK princess. People addressed her as “Royal Highness,” or Duchess of Sussex, and life was great. Until the day, they both decided to drop their royal duties in early 2020. Ever since then, the not-so-royal couple has been living like normal people. But, you know, with bags of money.


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