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Netflix planning to enter the world of video games

While streaming the earnings trend in the first part of 2021, a very direct question was asked about the possibility of Netflix’s expansion towards gaming. Here is the answer (Also Read: How many subscribers does Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Apple TV + and Amazon Prime Video have)

Netflix and video games . One of the most intense ships since Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl. We see them well together, we feel them approaching, but in the end the coveted union never comes true.

There is a courtship, or rather there are moments in which the two seem closer than ever. Like when Black Mirror: Bandersnatch came out in 2018 and, while we were thinking nostalgically about Librogames , we all wanted something more, something that would allow us to interact more with the new Netflix releases. Like video games, in fact. Such an exceptional container of stories could be an equally exceptional container when it comes to gaming. But the intentions of the platform go in this direction? (Also Read: Netflix is ​​about to block account sharing, here’s what’s going to change)

Nidhi Gupta , analyst at Fidelity Management & Research Co, who moderated the streaming on Netflix’s report yesterday in the early months of 2021, posed the question in very clear terms, starting from the assumption that the audience is considering adding a ‘ gaming-themed offer in some way a natural evolution of available content Greg Peters, Netflix’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer, has given a fairly vague answer, but one that could open some glimmer in our greedy desires.

Our business is to create beautiful and complex worlds and fascinating characters. Viewers fall in love with these worlds, in which they want to immerse themselves more and more, getting to know the characters and their back stories better. So we are really trying to understand what are all the different possibilities that allow us to strengthen this bond, further deepening the relationship with the fandoms. And certainly video games are part of this scenario. So, if we talk about making some stories ‘playable’ like we did with Bandersnatch and interactive programs for children, it was a very interesting experience. And we will certainly continue to move in that direction.

In short, the answer is not exactly clear. Making some TV series or cartoons interactive is one thing, making video games is another. It is difficult to think that a platform like Netflix will remain off the dance floor at a time when gaming is growing dramatically (according to the company Newzoo, in 2020 the earnings of the video game industry increased by 19.6% , with total revenues 175 billion dollars ). (Also Read: Netflix: Now all subscribers have to pay more – with one exception)

Spencer Neumann, Netflix Chief Financial Officer recalled the encounter with the world of videogames ‘on the licensing and merchandising side in consumer products ‘ as in the case of the official Stranger Things game, in 2019.

We are a reality that continues to learn and so far we have learned positive things (about gaming) We are happy with how things went and we hope to be able to continue learning starting from here

The feeling is that, probably, we will not find ourselves in front of a Netflix video game offer very soon. But we continue to hope that the television series and movies will become an inspiration to allow fans to interact on multiple fronts with the stories. For example, how about a strategic point-and-click video game based on the Queen of Chess , a Bridgerton- inspired graphic adventure or an action shooter featuring characters from The House of Paper or The Serpent ? It would be great. (Also Read: Amazon’s first beauty salon where you can try augmented reality haircut)

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