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    Maria Mashkova announced the imminent release of the second season of the series “Light from the Other World”

    Actress Maria Mashkova on Instagram announced the release in the near future on the screens of the second season of the series “Light from the Other World.” She showed a shot showing a fragment from the second season. As the star noted, this is her favorite film work.

    “We are looking forward to the continuation”, “Best actress congratulations on the Day of Cinema. May all dreams come true ”,“ We ​​love this series. You are simply divine in it, “the users noted in the comments.

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    Recall that the series “Light from the Other World” was released in January 2018. Filming for the second season began in February 2020. They have been suspended due to the pandemic. The release of the film was originally scheduled for 2021, but it may come out earlier.

    “We had real space with us. I was happy every second. Thanks to the incredible group. A couple more scenes and we’ll be done shooting. It is also quite symbolic for itself: on Film Day! I say, space! The universe promises to be shown this year on TNT. “

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