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7 Remakes Better Than The Original Movies

Films are one of the best forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed. There is no better lazy day activity to experience than cozying up with a friend or loved one and watching a great movie. The only problem is that some movies are not all that great to start. Many original versions of films really turn out to be flops. This is where remakes come in. Some bad movies are remade, but some great ones are repurposed as well. While the good original versions are tough to beat, there are some remakes that are actually even better than the original. This is not an easy feat to accomplish with really great movies. But there are some remakes that are so exceptional that they are actually more popular and better made than the first try. If you would like to learn about these exceptional second takes, check out these 7 remakes that are better than the original movies.

Dawn of the Dead: 2004

The remake to Dawn of the Dead is based closely on the Romero original. But this version starring Ving Rhames that follows survivors of zombie attacks is a very good watch. They hide out in a shopping mall and this storyline keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: 1978

This remake is already amazing because of its cast, which includes Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldbum, Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, and Leonard Nimoy. This version has been described as elegant and terrifying at the same time.

Heaven Can Wait: 1978

The original version of this 1978 remake was called Here Comes Mr. Jordan. This was a great storyline, but the remake directed by Warren Beatty is much better, which is slanted as a warmly received romcom. The remake beautifully portrays a quarter back, who is taken 47 years before his time by an angel that made a huge error in timing.

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