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After his successful participation in the popular series Strangers Things , becoming a promise of cinema, television and, also, a fashion icon of a new generation; Millie Bobby Brown returns with a new role that, since its announcement, has managed to inflame audiences. And the fact is that the young star has put aside the stage set in the 80s, to immerse herself in a role that will take her to 19th century London, where she will play the great Enola Holmes . Why is everyone talking about it? What is special about it? When is the premiere? Here we tell you everything you need to know.


Enola Holmes, for those who do not know her, is the little sister of the famous detective on Baker Street, nothing more and nothing less than Sherlock Holmes ; and who is about to have their own movie thanks to the Netfix streaming platform . A couple of days ago, the company released the first trailer and it gives us a glimpse of what Millie Bobby Brown will look like in the title role, alongside other big stars like Henry Cavill and Sam Clafin.


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FACT: For those who have read the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the presence of this character will seem strange, when Sherlock Holmes does not really have a sister, because in the pages of the manuscripts he does not exist. He only has his congenital Mycroft.


Why does this happen? Well, the character of Enola Holmes and her movie are based on the books by Nancy Springer, who imagined a story in which Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes had a little sister. She was an intelligent, adventurous and insightful girl like her brothers, so she would also surely get into a lot of trouble.


“On the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola Holmes wakes up to discover that her mother has disappeared, leaving behind a strange variety of gifts, but without any apparent clue of where she has gone or why,” is part of what the synopsis of the film on the platform, which gives us the first indication of how the story will begin. In addition, we see how the life and care of the character of Millie, from one moment to another, is in the hands of her older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft , who are determined to send her to a school for “ladies, because they want her to become a quite a lady.

But, as expected, Elona had other plans for her life. And it is that, the young woman decides to undertake a trip that, later, becomes an investigation to know the whereabouts of her mother . A journey in which she shows her skills and feats to be a true detective. Quickly, she becomes a very persuasive, talented young lady full of feats that will entangle her in a mystery.

On her trip to London in 1884, Holmes is caught up in a case that revolves around a young fugitive Lord, Enola becomes a super detective in her own right, outwitting her famous brother while excavating what appears to be a stranger conspiracy that threatens to reverse the course of history. Without other remedies, her brothers decide to help her, because their concern could not be more than their pride.


This is how the public will be able to enjoy a story of mysteries, intrigue, comedy and a bit of action from the hand of the young Netflix promise Millie Bobby Brown, the British actress who will play the inveterate and brilliant detective, who will put a starting point to this plot, in the company of other great characters.

In the role of SHerlock Holmes we find Henry Cavill , who puts aside the witches and swords of The Witcher , to put on a suit, hat and tour London in 1994. Along with him will be Sam Claflin who will play Mycroft Holmes and finally the great Helena Bonham Carter who will play Enola’s mother,

Jack Thorner , from Harry Potter and the cursed Child ; was in charge of writing the script. While Harry Bradbeer, winner of an Emmy for the series Fleabag , is the one who took the reins of the direction.


The first visual sneak peek of Enola Holmes was accompanied by the release date, a movie everyone is looking forward to. And immersing itself in the role of Sherlock’s works, the platform has decided to reveal the information through a text with changed letters so that fans would guess the date.

In itself, the launch will take place on September 23 … What a thrill!

In such a way, we are in the presence of one of the most anticipated Netflix movies in this 2020, where we will see a little more of the Sherlock Holmes story, in which Elona herself explains where her name comes from, her relationship with her mother and her mysterious disappearance , as well as the relationship she has with her older brothers, who want to turn her into a lady, but the young woman’s plans are different.

While the premiere arrives, you can enjoy the trailer below:

What Else You Should Know?

a) Why has Enola Holmes been the subject of a lawsuit?

The heirs of the creator of Sherlock Holmes consider that the film, as well as the books on which it is based (but that had not entered their radar until now), flagrantly violate the copyright of the character. His protest focuses on two very specific points: the hound, played here by Henry Cavill , shows an excess of feelings and a clear respect for women , two characteristics that apparently contradict the bulk of the Conandoylian canon. Therefore, both Netflix and the production company Legendary Pictures, Springer and its North American publisher, Penguin Random House, have received a large legal document informing them that they could go to trial for a series ofunspecified financial damages.

b) Hasn’t Holmes been royalty free for several years?

It is in various regions of the world, including Europe and Great Britain, but not in the United States. There the copyright laws work differently, but in the present case it is only necessary to know one fundamental fact: there are still ten stories starring Sherlock Holmes who, despite numerous legal battles fought throughout the past decade They do continue to be protected by law in the eyes of the American justice system . And therefore they belong entirely to the heirs of Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote them in his own hand. As a co-production to be distributed worldwide by a California-based company, Enola Holmes is considered fair game.

c) Why can’t Sherlock Holmes harbor feelings? Or, since we are, a respect for the female gender?

It is not that it cannot, but rather that, if it does , those responsible must pay the heirs of its creator . The ten stories that still remain under the copyright umbrella in the US were written and published after the First World War, an event that changed everything for their author. The pre-1914 Holmes was a cold man, detached and not given to showing feelings. However, the lawsuit explains that the writer lost his eldest son, Arthur Alleyne Kingsley, during the Great War. “Four months later he lost his brother, Brigadier Innes Doyle. When Conan Doyle returned to Holmes in the copyrighted stories, written between 1923 and 1927,It was no longer enough for him that the character possess the brightest rational and analytical mind. Holmes needed to be human (….), Develop a human connection and empathy. Conan Doyle made the surprising artistic decision to give his most famous creation, known around the world as a brain without a heart, the possibility to transform into a character with a heart. Holmes became someone closer . Trained for friendship. He could express emotions. He began to respect women ”.

d) Did you seriously never respect women before 1923?

Only one . In fact, Watson emphasizes this point: the only woman Sherlock Holmes ever respected is called Irene Adler , although it is true that Conan Doyle ended up contradicting himself in some of the later cases of the character, apparently for the reasons above described. What really matters here is that if a work of fiction released in the United States contains a Sherlock Holmes who shows more than disdain for any woman not named Adler, the heirs of its creator are going to put the pot.

e) Has it happened before?

So is. In 2015, the Arthur Conan Doyle State sued Miramax for Mr. Holmes , a film set on the bee farm to which, according to canon, the detective retired during the last years of his life. As you may have already guessed, the details of his retirement didn’t appear until 1923, which is why they fall within the famous ten copyright stories in America.

f) What is Netflix going to do?

For now, the film opens on September 23 on the platform. There is already a trailer and everything, to the rhythm of Celebrity Skin . They don’t seem to have been daunted, in other words.

g) Given the speculation, what could we say is the underlying problem?

Given the speculation, we could say that the underlying problem is Enola Holmes herself. Her existence. It is about a character created by Nancy Springer on the basis of an imaginary royalty-free universe, then it is possible that the heirs of Conan Doyle read this whole thing the parasitic key. If Netflix succeeds, this first film could give rise to a whole franchise , in the image and likeness of its literary original, then that would be many millions of dollars … of which they would not see a penny. It does not seem fair to them, so they decide to cling to a technicality that, in any case, will not do them much good: if Enola Holmes enters the public,it is easy to imagine a second part without the presence of Cavill as a recognizable crutch / face . Netflix is interested in the character of Millie Bobby Brown being emancipated from her older brother, well. No feelings. Only business.

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