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No Time to Die, or Bond 25, has a new trailer, and it is much more intense, explosive, and intriguing than we had imagined. Besides confirming that this is Bond’s mission that “changes everything)

The first preview of Daniel Craig’s latest film as the legendary James Bond confirms all the fans’ theories. Bond was retired and living in Jamaica, what we did not imagine is that that happened, as the first trailer showed, for a disappointment or betrayal by the woman with whom he planned to share his life.

We could see how Bond and Madeline Swan ( Lea Seydoux ) began to have problems in those few minutes. They introduced us to a new Bond Girl ( Ana de Armas returning to the traditional Bond Girl but with a modern touch) to a terrifying villain who may or may not be connected to Swan. We finally saw Lashana Lynch working alongside the agent, preparing, though she doesn’t know it yet, to take his place in the future.

The wait was worth it. The trailer confirmed that this could be one of the most intense missions Bond has ever had to undertake, and the best farewell for Daniel Craig, who will never step on M’s office again, at least not in the future cinema.

Now, and after all the delays due to Covid-19, the study revealed a new trailer that ensures that “the mission that changes everything is about to begin,” with chases, explosions, blows, kicks, and many tricks of the most famous spy of cinema, which returns to theaters in November of this year. 

Bond meets old enemies and finally learns a little more information about the new villain ( Rami Malek ) that he will have to defeat. What does that villain want? Revenge and Madeleine Swan, who seems to be hiding a big secret.

In addition to the new trailer, the studio also revealed a series of posters. In more detail, we can see the villain, played by Rami Malek, who has a strange scar on his face that could result from a previous encounter with MI6 agents.

Bond is back with more action, more gadgets, bigger explosions, and a dangerous mission that will force him to return to a life he thought he left behind.

“Bond, James Bond” is probably one of the most famous phrases in cinema, they are the words with which the most iconic secret agent in history, cinema, and literature usually present himself to his enemies, conquests, and allies, and they are the words Daniel Craig is going to say one last time once Bond 25 hits theaters.

The film, which marks the end of an era, also revealed a small teaser in which you could see a little more of this new mission that will force Craig’s Bond out of retirement, and the result was much more than we expected. That first trailer doesn’t do the full trailer justice.

As this is Daniel Craig’s last film in the series and the 25th in the franchise, it is expected to be one of the best. It will close the story with an action-packed, explosive mission that celebrates the traditional Bond style he recovered when the actor presented his first film, and the teaser confirms that they will not disappoint us.

After swearing that he would never play the character again, from rumors and speculation about who could take his place, Craig is back for a new film that will end his days as an MI6 agent and leave him the way free (possibly) to a new Bond.

Created by Ian Fleming in 1953, Bond arrived at the cinema from the hand of Sean Connery in 1962 and has been played by a select group of actors who help him jump from one era to another. Now he is about to star in his film number 25 ( which makes him one of the longest-lived cinema). During the last four films, Daniel Craig has been in charge of bringing Bond to life on the screen. According to the novels, he is the most similar to Fleming’s vision, but even he knows that he cannot do the job forever and, after Bond 25, the producers will have to find their new protagonist.

Bond 25 is the movie that fans of the licensed-to-kill agent have been waiting for years – it will kick off a new era of Bond again – and after a series of delays and problems, we finally had more details about the history, the cast and until the date in which we are going to see Craig’s Bond in his last mission.

When it premieres?

According to a tweet on his official Twitter account, Bond 25 would initially hit theaters in November 2020 (previously, it was planned for the end of 2019, but the original director left the project, which ended up delaying everything a bit). In addition, fans began to request that the premiere be delayed to avoid contagion of the coronavirus. Hence, the studio released a statement confirming that the premiere was postponed until the last months of the year.

What is it about, and what is it called? 

According to the official Bond 25 account,  No Time to Die, it’s the mission that changes everything.

On the synopsis, Barbara Broccoli, who has been the last film producer, said that everything begins with a James Bond already retired and living in Jamaica. It is known that the story will follow a Bond who has already left active service and must return to action after receiving a surprise visit from a North American CIA agent who asks for his help to finish a dangerous mission that could end his peace and peace of mind and take you back to your old “office” (the good news is, this time, you have four new Aston Martin to help you).

According to rumors, James Bond must complete a mission, summoned by his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), to rescue a kidnapped scientist, which will put him on the path of a new villain with very dangerous technology, which complicates his life. to Bond.

Who is Safin?

Rami Malek plays the new villain in the 25th film in the series, and a new teaser reveals all the details you need to know about this character who wants to destroy Bond.

It’s clear that Fafin has a connection to Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) , who reportedly parted ways with 007 at the beginning of No Time to Die , and who turns to the agent because Safin poses a threat to her safety. Malek has also said that his character uses technology as a weapon, making him a threat to global security. The new teaser shows Malek saying that “what he really wanted from Safin was for him to unsettle [and] think of himself as heroic,” and then, “Safin is a formidable adversary. James Bond has to adapt to it. “

Safin clearly has a plan for Bond and humanity, and it has been said that he could be the greatest villain in the series, but we still don’t know how he plans to carry it out.

Who are the protagonists?

The film’s cast was confirmed a few weeks ago, and it was revealed that some familiar faces are coming back to fire Craig. During an official presentation, it was revealed that Craig will reprise his role as Bond, Ralph Fiennes will be back as M, Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swan, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Ben Wishaw as Q, Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter. The new members with Billy Magnussen (who is rumored to play the role of a CIA agent), Rami Malek, who will play the villain of the saga, and Ana de Armas, who will be the new “Bond Girl” in this installment (although her character is not yet 100% confirmed). Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch will also make an appearance as Monica Rambeau and David Dencick , who worked with Craig on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, will have a character.

Regarding the villain, it has just been revealed that the character is called Safin and that he is a supervillain, as has not been seen before. “He really is a supervillain,” Broccoli commented. ** “He gets under Bond’s skin. He is a difficult and unpleasant subject”. **

After this film, Lashana Lynch will take Craig’s place and become the first female James Bond in history. Lynch clarified that it will be the new 007, not the new Bond, so it will not be a new version of the famous spy, but it proves that the number 007 passes from one agent to another, once the previous one retires (or dies).

The director of the film is Cary Fukunaga and the official trailer is expected to premiere in the next few days, possibly after a synopsis arrives.

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