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Cobra Kai started as a YouTube series, but its popularity exploded when it hit Netflix with its first two seasons set over 30 years after the first Karate Kid movie’s events in which Daniel LaRusso beat Johnny Lawrence. He stole the girlfriend and her dignity in that karate tournament in town.

Movie fans don’t always have the chance to see what happened to their favorite characters after the movies, but someone knew that was a common fantasy. They decided to create Cobra Kai, bringing back William Zabka and Ralph Macchio with a new one. The story reveals a little more of these enemies’ lives and what happened to them after the tournament.

In the first and second seasons of Cobra Kai, we can see a Johnny Lawrence trying to regain control of his life. Simultaneously, Daniel LaRusso is a successful businessman who, even though his fight with Johnny was years ago, seems to still cling to his hostility and attempts to block his attempts to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo where he spent years training as a child.

Daniel fails his plan, and Johnny becomes the teacher of a new group of teenagers preparing to participate in the tournament that has been going on for decades. The two begin a professional and personal journey that changes their lives again. . The story is full of nostalgia and memories of other times, which helped it become one of the most-watched series on Netflix. The streaming giant had a lot of faith in it because, although they have not confirmed a date for the third season, they already released a small preview that practically confirms it and announces an old character’s return.

What is the third season of Cobra Kai about?

“Mr. Miyagui treated me like a son. He never kept anything from me,” says Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio). “Are you sure about that?”, Responds a mysterious character that we can’t see, but that many believe could be Chozen Toguchi (Sato’s nephew, Miyagi’s old enemy), and that Daniel prepares to return to Okinawa, where he traveled with Miyagi in the second Karate Kid movie.

On his first trip to Okinawa, Daniel accompanies Miyagi to deal with his father’s death, and it is there that he learns the real power and value of karate that his teacher taught him. This is where Miyagi “defeats” his enemy without using force, and this is where Daniel could have the growth he needs.

It is clear that Miyagi had some secrets and that Daniel has yet to discover them, but if he returns to Okinawa, does that mean that we will see Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), Daniel’s “girlfriend” during the trip?

Will we know the origin of Miyagi?

According to a new theory, Daniel will travel to Okinawa to connect with his past, but he will be able to discover the true origin of the ancient technique that he learned from his teacher. Supposedly, Daniel will find that his master’s karate and the Cobra Kai dojo come from the same place, Master Shito Ryu. 

The theory comes from a karate teacher named Jesse Encamp, who says that after thinking that the series had made a mistake, he realized that that could be the twist of Cobra Kai season 3.

It all has to do with a photo in which Miyagi Choyun is shown, teacher of the Miyagi of the films, founder of the Goyu Ryu style, and student of Higaonna Kanryo. The karate teacher says that the two styles in the series are actually from Shito Ryu’s school, which would mean that Johnny and Daniel belong to the same school, which means that Miyagi lied to Daniel. 

Can we see Ali in season 3?

One of the third season’s big rumors ensures that Ali (Elisabeth Shue), Daniel’s girlfriend in the first movies, will return in the third part of Cobra Kai. 

One of the clues is found at the end of the second season, where you can see that Johnny receives a notification on his phone in which Ali sent him a friend request, which has fans thinking that the two are going to have one. Meeting in real life, which would be the first time they have been together in three decades. 

On the other hand, both Ralph Macchio and William Zabka have mentioned that Ali could appear in the third season. 

Zabka told PopCulture.com: “Yeah, there’s no secret that they talk about it. I think he reached out to her, and hopefully, there might be a couple of places with her where she’s open to the possibility, and that’s all I know. “

Meanwhile, Macchio hinted at the addition: “They certainly reached out [to her] and questioned it. We know she really enjoyed the series and sees the quality of the show. So yeah, I think the door is open for something there.” ” 

Elisabeth Shue herself (who appeared in the first season of The Boys) said that she is not closed to the idea of ​​appearing in the series. When asked in her Boys co-star Anthony Starr’s interview, she nodded if she had been offered a role on the show.

Finally, fans say that Ali could be Tory’s mom, who was introduced in season two as “Tory with a y,” which is an apparent reference to when Ali is introduced as “Ali with an i” in The Karate Kid. 

When does the third season premiere?

For now, there is no official date, but Netflix confirmed that the story is not over, so we could see new chapters sometime in 2021.

Who is coming back?

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are pretty much confirmed (as are their sons), plus it’s clear that we still haven’t seen the last of John Kreese (Martin Kove) yet. Even suppose season three includes a trip to Okinawa (and it would make a lot of sense). In that case, we could also see Yukie (Nobu McCarthy), Miyagi’s great love, Kumiko, and even Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), who still has unfinished business with Daniel.

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