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Someone has to die. Not really, it is the name of the new series by Manolo Caro that takes us back to the Spain of the 50s to explore a new mystery, a complicated family, and a society in which keeping up appearances is the most important thing.

After directing La casa de las Flores (with a first season that was one of Netflix’s best Mexican series), Manolo Caro is back with a new 3-part thriller that introduces us to an even more complicated and dysfunctional family.

The story of Someone has to die begins when a young man must return to his home in Mexico to meet the woman his family chose as his fiancée. Still, his arrival brings consequences that none of them could have imagined, especially because he returns accompanied of a mysterious ballet dancer named Lazarus. Not everyone is happy about his return home.

It is clear that this family is hiding a dark secret and a turbulent past, which will undoubtedly return to cause them new problems and friction.

The series stars several of Manolo Caro’s favorite actors (including the actress Cecilia Suárez, from La casa de las flores) and great legends of Spanish cinema, such as the actress and muse of Pedro Almodóvar Carmen Maura , and brings together the actors Alejandro Speitzer (who showed us how to wear a patterned shirt during the Venice Film Festival) and Ester Expósito (the protagonist of Elite who broke the internet with her version of the new song by J Balvin) with the Mexican dancer Isaah Hernánder.

What is it about Someone has to die?

The miniseries is a family drama marked by secrets, prejudices and complicated relationships. Netflix explains that “Everything happens in 1950’s Spain, in a conservative and traditional society where appearances and family ties play a key role. With this work, Manolo Caro shows a new facet in his career and portrays a reality and a social problem posed from a very different point of view ”.

When does Someone have to die?

Netflix has just confirmed that its new thriller (which will undoubtedly become one more of the list of the best thrillers on the platform , to which I think about the end of Charlie Kauffman was recently added ), will hit screens all over the world. world on October 16, 2020.

Who is part of the cast of Someone Must Die?

A couple of months ago, Manolo Caro revealed in a tweet that “Today we start filming in Madrid for my new miniseries SOMEONE HAS TO DIE with a spectacular cast: Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Ester Expósito, Alejandro Speitzer, Mariola Fuentes, Carlos Cuevas and Isaac Hernández. “

Now we know that the series is starring Cecilia Suárez (The house of flowers, Perfect strangers), the winner of four Goya Awards and muse of Almodóvar Carmen Maura (La Comunidad, Volver, Ay, Carmela !, Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown), Mexican Alejandro Speitzer (Dark Desire, The Club), Ernesto Alterio (Secret Origins, Narcos: Mexico) and award-winning dancer Isaac Hernández (The King of the whole world). The cast is completed by the Spanish Ester Expósito (Elite, Your son) and Carlos Cuevas (Merlí, 45 Revolución). Pilar Castro (Advantages of traveling by train, It’s for your good), Mariola Fuentes(Madrid Burns, Instinct), Eduardo Casanova (The house of flowers, Lord give me patience), Manuel Morón (Malaka, La Peste), and Juan Carlos Vellido (The cable girls, Hierro).

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