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CoD Warzone Season 6: Start date & major map change confirmed

The update for the new season of Call of Duty comes on September 29, 2020. New is another Battle Pass, two operators, and a tunnel system.

The announcement should not surprise anyone. Last doubts have now been finally dispelled: Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare are getting a Season 6. The new cinematic trailer introduces two important innovations: a tunnel system opens under Verdansk, in which you fight in a very small space. There are also two other operators that you already know from the campaign.

We have collected the most important changes and information about the start of Season 6 for you in our overview. If you haven’t completed your Battle Pass yet, don’t panic – it’s raining XP again for the finale of Season 5:

What you need to know before starting

When does it start? Season 6 begins on September 29, 2020. One day after the current Battle Pass expires.

New Battle Pass? Yes, as usual, there is a new pass at the start of the season that you can level up. It has 100 ranks again and costs 1,000 CoD points again.

How long is the season? There is no official announcement yet. The seasons usually run for eight weeks.

Is season 6 the last? That is also not yet known. However, what is certain is that Warzone will continue and will, in the future, be related to the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. Dataminers also want to have discovered at least a 7th season in the code.

You can, of course, also find all information on the official CoD blog.

The tunnels under Verdansk

The stadium opened last season, this time it’s going underground. A dimly lit subway network becomes the new arena of war. Things should get down to business between parked trains and dark tunnels because there isn’t much space to evade.

It is still unclear whether the trams can also be used for movement, such as the train from season 5. However, the assumption is reasonable. After all, the new trailer shows six stations that are conveniently located around the center of Verdansk:

CoD Warzone Season 6 Start date & major map change confirmed

Two new operators confirmed

Farah: The founder of the Urzikstani Liberation Force played an important role in the Modern Warfare campaign. Now the tough fighter joins the multiplayer and battle royale as an operator. You will automatically activate her with the new Battle Pass. You will get Farah at rank 0. With her operator mission, you can earn more skins for her.

Nikolai: The Russian soldier is a close friend of Captain Price and the leader of the Chimera. It is only available to you at the end of the Battle Pass. Rank 100 unlocks it. You can also unlock alternative skins for him when you complete his operator mission.

What else happens in Season 6?

So far, there is no further information about the new season. That is guaranteed to change in the next few days. Of course, we will keep you up to date. According to rumors, the three new weapons from Season 6 are already known.

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