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Tom Holland is seen for the first time as Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie

Tom Holland recently shared his first image playing Nathan Drake for Uncharted , the long-awaited film that adapts the popular Naughty Dog video game . 

There are many movies turned into video games that have not necessarily had a good reputation in the cinematographic field and that have left all gamers who know games from head to toe with a bitter taste . 

However, it seems that the Uncharted movie promises different things and expectations have not been long in coming. The adaptation will serve as a prequel to this universe and in it we will learn about Drake’s origins , as well as his mentor Victor Sullivan . 

The latter will be played by Mark Wahlberg , who may have also played Nathan . At the time, the project did not go as expected, but this time it will be the good one. 

Recall that in the Uncharted cast we will also see Antonio Banderas , Sophia Taylor Ali and Tati Gabrielle , while the staging is by Ruber Fleischer.

Although many have been skeptical about the interpretation of Tom Holland as the protagonist of the Uncharted universe , the actor shared a first look and the truth is that it does not look bad at all. 

You can see it below:

If you have had the opportunity to enjoy the games of the PlayStation consoles , surely the image will remind you of the outfit from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception . Although the relationship with Holland is minimal, there is no doubt that this is an excellent characterization.

Don’t forget that the Uncharted movie will focus on Nathan Drake’s youth . That is, when he began his path as a treasure hunter. 

At the moment, Sony Pictures has not revealed the synopsis, but it will surely not take long to do so after the expectation that the Tom Holland photograph is generating .

The Uncharted movie will hit theaters on July 16, 2021. Sure, if the coronavirus allows it.

In case you still have your doubts about the actor, we will explain everything you did not know about the best Spider-Man that cinema has had and that has been played by Tom Holland . 

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