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Elon Musk wants to create a city of his own

It will be called "Starbase" and it will be in Texas, and this time it is not just a dream.Elon Musk now wants to build...

    Camera with Artificial Intelligence mistakes the ball for a referee’s bald head

    camera with Artificial Intelligence has made it clear that this technology has yet to be perfected. 

    While Artificial Intelligence has advanced by leaps and bounds, surpassing fiction and even claiming that it has no intention of destroying humans , it is still going through an initial stage and is not entirely safe or perfect. 

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    This premise is reinforced by the peculiar case of a match in which an Artificial Intelligence camera mistook the ball for a bald referee. 

    Technology is increasingly linked to sport on multiple fronts; from an app to exercise at home without having to go to the gym , to professional equipment to broadcast a game. 

    This is not to say that suddenly it cannot fail and that is how it happened to the Iverness Caledonian Thistle FC team , who wanted to rely on the AI , which actually got them into technical problems during the broadcast of the match against Ayr United . 

    The Scottish Second Division team was testing the camera, the appeal of which was that there was no need to be controlled by one person, as the device could theoretically identify the ball and track plays. 

    The club did not have a small issue, since the camera with AI was confused at all times and, instead of following the ball, he dedicated himself to chasing the bald spot of a linesman. Throughout the match, the camera is directed at the ball at first, but immediately returns to the referee’s head and so on repeatedly. 

    Obviously, this funny event led the fans to miss practically all the plays, since the images shown by the camera only followed the path of the bald man.

    You can see the evidence for this error below: 

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