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The apps that you should have if you are a music lover

Today music apps are an essential tool for any level of melomania. If your thing is to bring music inside (and outside), this list is for you: from the obvious ones like Spotify and Shazam to the lesser known ones that allow you to become a DJ and organize a karaoke session, here are the best apps sound (all available for IOS and Android, except where indicated).


Perhaps the most popular in the world, this music app is today one of the parameters by which the success of an artist in the world of music is measured, and a basic tool for the modern music lover and his commandments that he likes to put together. your personal playlists (for traffic, for the gym, for sex, etc.) and keep abreast of new releases. To this day, the app allows access to a catalog of more than 30 million songs.


In an old episode of the sitcom “Married with Children,” Al Bundy, the main character, can’t remember the title of one of his favorite songs other than the tune. With SoundHound, he did not have that setback, because in addition to the dynamics of Shazam (are app s rivals in fact), SoundHound has an algorithm that allows just by whistling or humming a song, the system identifies who it is .


It boasts as the world’s largest song lyrics app / catalog. This application allows you to listen to songs with the lyrics synchronized in real time and link it with other apps like Spotify or Apple Music. In addition, in pure Shazam style, it recognizes the lyrics of the song that sounds around you (on the television, radio or speakers at a party) and adds the song (with everything and its lyrics ) immediately to your lists. With this app , without a doubt we would have found out that the lyrics of “Aserejé” were actually the wrongly pronounced version of what the hip-hop group Sugar Hill said in their song “Rapper’s Delight”: “ I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie , to the hip hip hop and you don’t stopthe rock it to the bang bang boogie ”.


One of the coolest is this music app that allows you to identify what is playing at the moment, without having to put your musical knowledge to the test. Its system is based on generating a fingerprint of the music that is listened to, comparing it with an immense database that generates coincidences and helps you to know the same who sings the song that sounds in the environmental speakers of the shopping center, as in the radio or on the party DJ set.

It is one of the music applications designed exclusively for lovers of symphonies, operas and classical sounds. It offers you searches by composer, orchestra or period, and a weekly playlist . No, it is not an app for everyone, but it does offer an alternative to trendy music in a database of more than 2 million songs. Just like Spotify, Amazon Music and other similar services, you can find it in free and paid versions (with more features, such as higher quality sound).


It promises to turn your smartphone (or tablet) into a music production system that will make you the life of the party. This music application allows you to mix songs (almost) like a professional thanks to its intuitive format, its sequencer and an automatic mixing system based on artificial intelligence that will make sure your mixes are always up to the task. In addition, it is compatible with physical devices and can be purchased with a subscription and is available only for Apple computers.

Sing karaoke

Not everyone likes to get into karaoke, but any party that is respected ends with the entire crowd singing their favorite songs. Well, this app offers an unlimited number of tracks, the possibility for you to interact with other users instantly (very practical in a meeting by zooming out of control) and also the functionality to record the session.


This application keeps you up to date, in real time, of what is happening in the world of music: record releases, new videos, news about your favorite artists, concerts, trivia, interviews, etc. The music app constantly sends you notifications so that you don’t lose sight of the musical news, filtered by your musical taste and sound preferences (no, fear not, you won’t get news about the new Menudo series if extreme heavy metal is your thing ).


It’s pure addiction, and this music app / game (winner of the 2013 Weeby awards for best Social Game) is a challenge to your musical knowledge. The format is a quiz / knowledge trivia, which challenges the user to know the name of the song that is playing and other information about it. The fun is unlocking levels as you become an expert. In addition, you can select the genre, the decade and even the artist of your choice, to show that you are a true music lover .


There are many online radio apps , but Himalaya stands out because it is a musical application that collects the best thematic podcasts and brings them together on its platform. And yes, musical themes abound, free of advertising and transmission failures. In addition, you can choose the contents by musical genre (ranging from relaxing sounds to avant-garde or urban pop), tune in to the best musical radio programs in one place and put together the list of podcasts you want to listen to at any time of the day. Without a doubt, this app created in China that has 500 million users, must have something very good.

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