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Furby Returns: Iconic Robotic Creature Reintroduced by Toy Giant Hasbro

Hasbro Revives Furby: Iconic Robotic Creature Returns to Capture New Generation’s Curiosity

Hasbro, the renowned US toy giant, has reintroduced the beloved Furby robotic creature, reigniting the fascination it sparked a quarter of a century ago. With hopes of captivating a new generation of children, the new Furby retains its iconic features, including bulbous eyes, yellow beak, and vibrant fur. Responding to hugs, pats, and tickles, the new Furby communicates in its distinctive gibberish language.

The revival of Furby comes at a time when the toy industry is experiencing a slowdown in demand. Hasbro’s Vice President and General Manager, Kristin McKay, shared insights gained from extensive research conducted to create a new Furby that would resonate with children’s preferences.

With over 600 programmed responses, the new Furby can execute commands, mimic sounds, dance, and even be “fed.” Initially launched in 1998, Furby swiftly gained global popularity, selling over 40 million units within its first three years, according to Hasbro. The initial Furby iteration featured infrared eyes that facilitated intercommunication among the toys. By patting its head, Furby could be taught to speak a selection of words and “listen” to conversations.

Over the years, Furby underwent several transformations, including replacing its infrared eyes with two small LCD screens. Hasbro also developed a smartphone and tablet app capable of translating Furby’s unique vocalizations into English. Nonetheless, as the Furby phenomenon waned, the toy was retired in 2016.

The reintroduction of Furby coincides with Hasbro’s efforts to boost lackluster sales. The company predicted a flat or declining toy and games market for the year in its most recent quarterly earnings report released in April. Hasbro experienced a 14% decrease in net revenue during the first three months of the year, with sales of NERF blasters, Play-Doh, and Peppa Pig toys declining.

With the return of Furby, Hasbro aims to captivate a new generation of children and reignite the magic that made it an enduring cultural icon.

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