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Jacob & Co. : New watch comes with a chunk of gold

If you want to know what time it is, you often have to look very carefully at the special editions by watchmaker Jacob Arabo. The new unique piece from Jacob & Co. is no exception, because the US brand remains true to itself.

New watch from Jacob & Co .: Astronomia Tourbillon Art Skulls

Arabo watches are not made to disappear discreetly under the shirt cuff, if only because of their height. The new Astronomia Tourbillon Art Skulls is no exception: the case is 25 millimeters high and 50 millimeters in diameter. Here the astronomical motto popular with Jacob & Co. meets memento-mori symbolism. The designer literally gilded the wearer’s constant memory of their own mortality. His new watch does not have a classic dial. Instead, a towering mountain of golden skulls forms the base.

According to the manufacturer, the skulls are made from a chunk of 18-carat rose gold. It should weigh an impressive 45 grams. The eyes of the large skulls on the top are said to be made of rubies. Artisans are said to have worked on the central piece of the new Jacob & Co. clock for six months and required over 200 hours of work.

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The second dominating feature of the Astronomia Tourbillon Art Skulls is the constantly rotating second hand. As usual with Astronomia, they are crowned by two counterweights: a blue painted magnesium globe and a round diamond. According to Jacob & Co., the gemstone weighs one carat and was shaped by hand with 288 facets by a jeweler in Israel. Around half of the original diamond is said to have been ground off.

Jacob & Co .: Prize of the Astronomia Tourbillon Art Skulls

Additional baguette-cut diamonds adorn the sides of the domed sapphire crystal case. It was anti-reflective to guarantee a clear view of the inside of the watch. The engraving “Jacob & Co.” can be found on the lower edge of the glass case. The bracelet is made of royal blue alligator leather. The clasp is also made of 18-carat rose gold.

With this design, the actual dial almost looks like a foreign body. It is emblazoned on the right side on the mountain of golden skulls. The caliber is a hand-wound movement JCAM25. According to the manufacturer, it offers a power reserve of 60 hours. Jacob & Co. is silent about the price of the single item on the product page. According to Hypebeast, $ 880,000 (the equivalent of about 731,000 euros) will be due. This is a common price for the jeweler and watchmaker’s custom-made products. Conor McGregor recently unveiled his $ 1 million Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette . He is also said to be interested in the brand’s twice as expensive Rasputin tourbillon.

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