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When and how you should wear a bow tie

The bow tie is seen as old-fashioned by some but it is undoubtedly the key accessory for formal events and to have a more interesting look. We tell you how to achieve a good look.

For many, the bow tie is a thing of the past. We hardly see them as office wear anymore, and in their entirety they have been overshadowed by traditional ties . However, well-dressed men know that it is an essential garment for those serious formal events attire. It’s for those times when a regular tie isn’t enough to give that level of classic seriousness, so it’s essential to have a few in your closet, and know how to use them.

For the latter, we made this brief guide to use the bow tie , from its appearance to its size, and on what occasions to use it. If you want that serious masculine touch, take note:

Make it a long bow tie (tied by yourself)

If you want a high-end outfit or show that you are the master of your look, there is nothing like a classic bow tie (which you have to tie on your own). They tend to be long, and the process of getting a perfect bun can be a bit awkward and difficult, but it’s nothing you can’t master after a little practice. The only thing you should be aware of is that the shirt you are wearing has a high collar, so that the entire tie can be seen around it. It is possible to use others in outfits with a low neck but it will not have the same impact and for that the best thing could be to choose a previously tied bowtie .

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Bow ties that are already tied can be the perfect option for those who do not know how to do the bow or do not want to spend a lot of time getting dressed. Here we just have to consider that it is a high quality bowtie so that it always keeps looking good. Of course, we avoid wearing them with stand-up collar shirts since the rest of the bow can be seen weird. 

Consider the size

There are different sizes of bow ties, ranging from really wide ones to others a little more discreet. It does not matter if you want to show off your bow enough, you should buy it according to your body type. If you are tall and broad-shouldered, a larger one may be your option while if you are short, you should stick with a small one so as not to ruin your outfit and not affect the proportion. 

Avoid rare prints

Bow ties look perfect in one color, and with patterns or other textures it can also look pretty good. The only ones that we have to avoid and never use are the ones with cartoons, the ones that seem to take something from a work of art or that look like a joke. The Bowtie is a garment for serious outfits, so it looks bad to have one with Mickey Mouse or something similar. 

Explore the possibilities

As we mentioned, bow ties with print can look pretty perfect. There are different types with many inspired by designs that we have seen in other garments, such as squares, lines, diamonds, and others. If you find high-quality print bow ties, you just have to consider how it will look with the rest of the outfit. You can explore to find alternatives and add that accessory to your look to give it more impact. That makes it another ideal accessory to replace a tie.

Where to use it

The bow tie is usually linked to “long” outfits, such as tuxedos, being the essential part of one, either in black or white, but it can also be used in some serious outfits, always making sure that it fits with the outfit. If the bow has a colored pattern, try to combine it, in general keep it with looks for special events that require that level of seriousness. 

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