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Forex Trading Guide 2021: Forex CAW strategy

Forex CAW strategy refers to indicator systems. That is, its algorithm is based on the use of technical indicators. The indicators used in this strategy are standard for the Metatrader trading terminal and therefore it will not be difficult to find them.

Recommended for trading currency pairs are the most popular forex instruments: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF. In this case, you can choose almost any time period – from a five-minute interval to an hour.

First of all, the following technical indicators should be put on the chart:

1. Moving Average with an averaging period of 90 and a smoothing method of the Smoothed type.

2. Commodity Channel Index with a period of 12, for which the Typical price is selected as the data source.

3. Average True Range, calculated over 14 periods of closing prices of a trading instrument. Also, in the window of this indicator, you need to set the horizontal level at 0.002.

4. Williams’ Percent Range, which is calculated over 11 periods. Also, in the window of this indicator it is necessary to draw several horizontal levels: -15, -40, -60, -85.

Transactions in this system will be made according to the rules that are given below:

The purchase will be carried out if:

• Price above average

• Williams’ Percent Range is below -85

• ATR indicator shows values ​​above 0.002

Sell ​​deals will occur if:

• The price is below the moving average

• Williams’ Percent Range indicator shows values ​​above -15

• CCI indicator shows values ​​above 100 level

• ATR indicator shows values ​​above 0.002

The stop loss is at 100 pips from the position opening price. Take profit is set at 40 points from the position opening price.

It should be noted that a trade to open a position is executed only after the candlestick has completely formed after the signal to open a trade is received. In general, the strategy is quite simple and convenient to use, even novice traders can master it.

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